Young Leadership School – VII generation

Centre for Civic Education (CCE)
announces CALL for participants of VII generation

– school for studying leadership skills from theory to practice –

If you are a high-schooler wishing to develop your leadership skills, promote democratic values, expand and exchange experience with young people from Montenegro who are ready to take an active stance in resolving problems - Young Leadership School is your programme!

Objective of the Young Leadership School is to improve understanding of leadership amongst high-schoolers from the territory of Montenegro, strengthen their motivation and capacities to advocate for democratic values in their schools and local communities.

Young Leadership School, in an interactive manner, via intensive several-days-long course which encompasses lectures, workshops, forum-theatres, film screenings and visits to institutions, offers to the young people a possibility to learn about open society and social changes. We will address concepts of democracy, tolerance, human rights and freedoms, identity, authority, prejudice and stereotypes, gender equality, violence recognition, non-violent methods of overcoming conflicts, public relations, role of media, advocacy etc. by strengthening young people to be active participants of social life within their community.

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RECOM call for support to CSO projects

Centre for Civic Education (CCE/CGO), on behalf of project partners, within the project Regional CSO Activism for Regional Reconciliation in the Former Yugoslavia – in Support of RECOM, announces


You may submit your project proposals, which should contribute to strengthen prospects for reconciliation in the region by establishing the facts on war crimes, engaging civil society and the broader public in reconciliation and remembrance efforts and support to Initiative for RECOM. Your proposals should be submitted in English or local language, until 1 March 2019 and you will be notified on results of the competition approximately until 15 March 2019. Signing of the contract will be conducted upon the publication of the results. Project activities must be completed until 1 October 2019.

In order to apply for the call, it is necessary to fill Application form and Budget template. Before completing this form please read the detail instructions - Guidelines.

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Development of Skills for Better Employability of Persons with Disability – CALL

Centre for Civic Education (CCE), in cooperation with New Page and Employment Agency of Montenegro, announces

C A L L 

for participation in project

Development of Skills for Better Employability of Persons with Disability 

via system of informal trainings free of charge and employment

The call is intended for persons with disability with completed high school and/or faculty education from the registry of Employment Agency from Podgorica, Danilovgrad, Niksic and Cetinje.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Certificate from the registry of Employment Agency
  • Certificate on type and level of disability
  • Copy of diploma of high school and/or faculty
  • CV or biography

Biography with scanned certificates and copies of diploma needs to be submitted until 16 December 2018, until 00:00h, electronically on or at the address of Centre for Civic Education (CCE), Blvd. St. Petar Cetinjski 96 III/6, 81 000 Podgorica.

Applicants will be invited for an interview after which they will be notified about results of the Call. »

Let’s put corruption into museum – CALL FOR PROPOSALS II

Centre for Civic Education (CCE)
within the project LET’S PUT CORRUPTION INTO MUSEUM! opens

for the support for civil society organisations’ projects in Montenegro

Your project proposals, which should aim to contribute to the civil society participation in the implementation of anti-corruption policies and practices, shall be submitted no later than 15 November 2018, until 16h00.

In order to be eligible for a grant, Montenegrin CSOs must fulfil criteria as follows:

  • be a legal person;
  • be non-profit-making;
  • be directly responsible for the preparation and management of the project;
  • be registered as a CSO in Montenegro at least 12 months prior to the deadline for submission of project proposals;
  • have an annual budget higher than 10,000€, if one CSO is applicant. If there is one applicant and partner, their annual turnover for 2017 has to be cummulatively higher than 10,000€.

Applications must be submitted with filled: Application form, Budget Proposal and Logical Framework Matrix. Please read carefully detailed Guidelines prior to filling these forms.

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