Reaction on Radan Nikolić’s press conference

With the regard to a yesterday’s held press conference, at which the president of the Association of War Veterans from 90s Radan Nikolic made a series of unfounded accusations related to the work of the Coalition for RECOM, of which he is a member, as well as the activities carried out in order to finally establish the facts about all the victims of wars that occurred in the former Yugoslavia from 1991 to 2001, we want to direct on a few facts that were incorrectly interpreted or understood although they are very precisely specified in the draft Statute of RECOM.

Reaction on Radan Nikolić’s press conference - (pdf)

Seven European Commands

It is hard to break the strong conformist chains, which lock up a significant number of people living here. Yet, breaking these chains is necessary and it has a healing effect. The question of whether this government can meet the seven conditions is a major one. If they could, and if they had the willingness to do that so far, we would not be given these conditions at all. Rather, we would have been offered the date for the start of negotiations with the Opinion. In a number of areas, the commission itself has noted that there is no political will. Yet, neither in the immediate surroundings of Montenegro, nor in a broader context is there a more stable government. Therefore, the most logical conclusion is that this government does not have the capacity to democratize and Europeanize society, and that its rhetoric has been exhausted…

Seven European Commands – (pdf)

Law and order beyond their own ranks?

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) invites Trade Union of Police Directorate to observe the Law on Free Access to Information and to provide the public with answers to questions related to the number and name of the police officers, whose costs of staying on the mountain or at sea in Montenegro were fully covered or subsidized through the trade union programmes, in the period from June to August 2010.

Law and order beyond their own ranks

Allow the others in the Balkans

Centre for Civic Education and Robert Bosch Stiftung organise

panel discussion
Allow the others in the Balkans

as conversation on the anthology of South East European writters „Others Next To Me“

- Balša Brković, writter and editor of culture in daily „Vijesti“, Podgorica
- Prof. dr Milan Popović, professor at the Law Faculty of the University Montenegro, Podgorica
- Nataša Nelević, theatre critic and activist within NGO sector, Podgorica
- Eugen Jakovčić, journalist and coordinator in the Centre for facing with past „Documenta“, Zagreb
- Nataša Govedarica, dramatist and coordinator in Heartefact Fund, Beograd

- Daliborka Uljarević, executive director of the Centre for Civic Education

Panel discussion will be held on Wednesday, 10 November 2010 from 17h30 until 19h00, in hotel Podgorica

Due to the limited number of seats prior registration is recommended via email or telephone 020 665 327