Fast Forward

What is it in our air that breeds such resignation and sense of impotence? What is it that makes some fantastic people in this country to speak these self-limiting words? What is it that makes us think that we should give up, pack and leave? Why are we not celebrating the genuine, small successes like we would celebrate the big ones, and instead fall apart, like a wave hitting a cliff, into splinters of failed expectations? So, instead of sitting and waiting, if you really care, fast forward!

Fast Forward - (pdf)

Marking of deportation of Bosnian-Herzegovinian refugees from Montenegro in 1992.

Dear all,

This May we will mark one more anniversary of the deportation of Bosnian-Herzegovinian refugees from Montenegro in 1992.

On 27 May it will be exactly eighteen years since one of the buses of refugees from Bosnia and Herzegovina, then arrested in Montenegro, was sent from Herceg-Novi to Republika Srpska in Bosnia-Herzegovina, where soon after crossing the border all the passengers of Bosnian Muslim origin were executed. Precise location of their execution has not been established, nor were the remains of all the victims found. »

For Ourselves

As long as some of the citizens of this country feel like second-rate citizens, the state itself cannot be stable. And the government which cannot ensure equality before the law ought to be replaced…

For Ourselves - (pdf)

Questionnaire: Unnecessary Mystery

Instead of wasting our time on false mysteries, we should stand up for those questions which are of key importance for genuine democratisation and Europeanisation of our society and which this Government is doing everything to minimise, relativise and cover up. With a good reason too, for should these questions finally take the centre stage, if will be a sure path to the urgently needed changes and replacements…

Questionnaire: Unnecessary Mystery – (pdf)

Advertisement for participants of VIII generation of the Human Rights and Minority Rights School

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) is publishing an ADVERTISMENT for VIII generation of the

school for learning human rights from theory to practice

School comprises 25 sessions that will be organized during april, within two four days long seminars out of Podgorica. All expenses are covered by the CCE with support of the Norwegian Foreign Ministry, through the regional project on human rights education in Western Balkans, and with obligation of the participant to attend not less than 80% of the programme. »