Europe and me

Youth Group of the Centre for Civic Education (CCE) announces a competition for the best photo on the subject:


Europe and Me is a competition for the best photo that will in original manner present the presence of what young people in Montenegro recognize as European values, standards or heritage. Photo can be any of your view that you believe represents a symbol of one of the values ​​on which the EU is founded, such as: freedom, tolerance, respect for human rights, democracy, solidarity, gender equality, rule of law and environmental protection, and whose presence you recognize in the community where you live. »

Systemic impunity of torturers

This difference in the treatment of Mirko Banović, a convicted bully, and Goran Stanković, the first police insider whistle-blower and a man who in a crucial moment demonstrated incredible civic courage, which any democratic police would reward, is the best measure of the effectiveness of the reforms in the police, and the willingness of law enforcement body to implement the law and the Code and their preferences when it comes to commendable traits in their employees…

Systemic impunity of torturers - (pdf)

Selective approach to justice is not the way to EU

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) believes the rule of law and effective judicial system to be the necessary conditions for Montenegro’s membership in the EU. The fulfilment of these conditions depends entirely on the political will to ensure independence and effectiveness of the judiciary. The new Law on Criminal Procedure brings us closer to international best practices and standards, which was the main goal of the past reform, but in practice the system remains problematic…

Selective approach to justice is not the way to EU - (pdf)

Schooling just for the labour bureau

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) expresses serious concern over the announced reduction in the percentage of participation in the financing of apprenticeship wages by the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, from 80% to 60%. The consequences of this decision will have a negative impact on young educated people who should be the engine of further development of our society, and their own professional engagement…

Schooling just for the labour bureau - (pdf)