Everyone has the right to freedom of expression and assembly

STEP Coalition, gathering eight NGOs from Serbia, Kosovo and Montenegro, strongly condemns hate speech and call for lynch of the organizers of the first Montenegrin Pride Parade “Seaside Pride” which is scheduled for 24 July 2013 in Budva.

Despite the fact of extremely high level of homophobia in the Montenegrin society indicated by numerous public opinion polls, we are concerned with the brutality of messages filled with hatred, intolerance and calls for violence against the LGBT population, which in the previous days flooded the public space reminding us of a long and challenging path in fight against prejudices and creation of the society with developed human rights culture. »

New legal documents should contribute to the improvement of human rights practice

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) expresses its concern that the Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on the Protector of Human Rights and Freedoms instead of better standards, according to the European legislation and the recommendations of the European Commission, offers backward solutions to the current legal framework in this area, even compared to the 2003 Law. Such a tendency is present in a significant number of draft laws or amendments to existing ones, at least when it comes to texts that the CCE keeps track of, and is a matter of concern because it questions the European commitment of those who write these texts, and also raises a question regarding their very knowledge of the matter itself.

All countries in the region, namely their respective institutions, are members of the International Coordinating Committee of National Institutions for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights (ICC), with the exception of the institution of Protector of Human Rights and Freedoms of Montenegro, which has not received that accreditation, i.e. the status “A” that includes the independence of the institution and its functioning in accordance with the Paris Principles and the possibility of voting in the ICC. Given this fact, the question is whether in the Governmental working group there was awareness that according to this draft law the institution of the Protector will not be able to apply for the status of “A” within the ICC, as well as who will be responsible for such consequence? »

Address to the heads of the parliamentary clubs concerning the set of laws on education that are in the parliamentary procedure

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) yesterday addressed each of the heads of the parliamentary clubs in the Parliament of Montenegro, except the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), appealing for their special attention to the set of laws from the field of education, as well as to dismissal of the Proposal of the Law on High Education in total due to the number of its lacks.

CCE did not send such an appeal to the parliamentary club of the DPS assessing that minister in charge is representing party policy in that respect, which resulted during the work on these legal texts with total ignorance of the interested public and unacceptable level of non-transparency.
The letter is presented in full lenght:

Parliament of Montenegro
Goran DANILOVIĆ, head of the parliamentary club of Democratic Front
Aleksandar DAMJANOVIĆ, head of the parliamentary club of Socialist People’s Party
Borislav BANOVIĆ, head of the parliamentary club of Social-democratic Party
Mladen BOJANIĆ, head of the parliamentary club of Positive Montenegro
Almer KALAČ, head of the parliamentary club of Bosnian Party
Ljerka DRAGIĆEVIĆ, head of the parliamentary club of Albanian parties (Forca, DP), HGI and LPCG »

“Erased” are finally getting their rights back

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) recalls that the 24 July 2013 is the deadline for all the “erased” inhabitants of Slovenia, those citizens who were deprived of the right of permanent residence in 1992, to apply for restoration of rights and CCE joins the action of civil society organizations from Slovenia to invite all the “erased” to seize the opportunity of submitting requirements to the final deadline.

As estimated, around 26 000 non Slovenians from former Yugoslav republics lost the right to work, social protection and assistance, as well as the ability to have any legal status by being removed from the register of permanent residence on 26 February in 1992 and losing the personal documents by such act. »

“Corruption at the local level – zero tolerance ” – consultative trainings in 14 municipalities

Centre for Civic Education (CCE), in cooperation with partners, and with support of the EU Delegation to Montenegro, within the project “Corruption at the local level – zero tolerance”, conducted six consultative trainings in municipalities of Tivat, Kotor, Bar, Herceg Novi, Budva and Pljevlja, and by the end of this month it is planned additional eight trainings in municipalities of Plužine, Rozaje, Mojkovac, Kolasin, Danilovgrad, Cetinje, Niksic and Podgorica.

"Korupcija na lokalnom nivou - nulta tolerancija" - konsultativni treninzi u 14 opština

These meetings with main administrators, councillors, members of local committees for economy, finance and budget, officers of local authorities, and representatives of local NGOs, within the broader project framework have the aim to strengthen the role of civil society organizations, local self-governments and competent state bodies in policy development, monitoring and implementation of the campaign for reducing corruption in local communities of Montenegro. In specific, the project is seeking to strengthen the implementation of anti-corruption policies at the local level, as well as to increase the awareness of the citizens about the importance of effective anti-corruption mechanisms and procedures in 14 Montenegrin municipalities. »