Why the responsibility of the road manegment for the traffic accidents is not regulated and where does go money from the collected fines

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) has sent to the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs proposal for changes and amendments to the Law on Traffic Safety on the Roads in order to regulate the responsibility of the road companies for accidents, as well as that the percent of collected fines is directed for the construction and remediation of existing roads.

Since the adoption of Law on Traffic Safety on the Roads, none asked the question: why the responsibility of the road management is not regulated for the cases of the traffic accidents? Certain parts, particularly those in the north of Montenegro are in bad condition, and the situation gets worse in the period of winter. »

Crime in Strpci – 20 years later

On the occasion of twentieth anniversary of the crime in Strpci, Centre for Civic Education (CCE) points out that this crime must not be forgotten because even after twenty years, the perpetrators are not punished and the mortal remains of only three victims were found.

CCE recalls that on 27 February 1993, nineteen civilians, eight of them citizens of Montenegro, were abducted from the train number 671, which was operating on the relation Belgrade-Bar in Strpci and later killed. »

Police organization without corrupted official should be esstablished

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) welcomes the proposal of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), which is related to the amendment of the Law on Interior Affairs, in the part concerning the records of the assets of police officers in charge for the fight against organized crime and corruption, in order to prevent their illegal enrichment.

CCE has previously pointed to the need for decisive and systematic fight against endemic corruption in Montenegro. The introduction of this anti-corruption measure such as special control of authorized police officers who work to protect the safety and property of citizens, will contribute to a more professional and accountable police work, and at the same time, increase the confidence of the citizens of Montenegro in the the organs that are directly responsible for the fight against corruption and organized crime. »

Why there is still no answer about delays of salaries for users of professional training programme

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) again points to the problem of non-payment of salaries to users of the Professional Training Programme, who have started working on 15 January and whose employers have, until 4 February, submitted necessary documents to the authorized institutions. Bureau for Employment and responsible Ministry of Finance are still working in negligent and non-transparent manner, violating the Law on Professional Training of persons who acquired higher education. Additionally, CCE expresses the grounds doubts about discrimination that has been implemented against number of persons included into this programme.

As a reminder, for a significant number of programme users whose employers submitted timely monthly reports, the January fees have not been paid yet. This represents violation of the Law on Professional Training for persons with acquired higher education. Although the deadline for payment of salaries for the Programme users was 10 February 2013, the January fees were not paid even after fifteen days of the estimated deadline, which is why the CCE before reacted. »

How much and to whom do the citizens of Montenegro pay for advertising

The project “How much and to whom do the citizens of Montenegro pay for advertising” is part of the sub-programme Media and Democracy of the Centre for Civic Education and it aims to raise awareness about the ways inwhich the taxpayers’ money is being spent by public institutions, and increase their accountability in this regard. The specific objective of the project is to examine the relations between public institutions and the Parliament andvarious media in Montenegro, based on the allocation of service contracts, as well as to see if any changes occurred in this area compared to 2011…

How much and to whom do the citizens of Montenegro pay for advertising – (pdf)