EU info BUS on the road through the Montenegro!

EU info BUS on the road through the Montenegro!

Centre for Civic Education, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and NGO Natura
in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture
invite you to a panel discussion

Montenegrin culture as part of the European cultural heritage

Cetinje, 18 October 2013, 11h00-12h00
Ministry of Culture, Njegoševa ulica

Speakers will be:
Daliborka ULJAREVIĆ, Executive Director of the Centre for Civic Education (CCE)
prof. Branislav MIĆUNOVIĆ,Minister of Culture in the Government of Montenegro
H.E Mitja DROBNIČ, Head of the EU Delegation to Montenegro
Ass. Prof. MA Janko LJUMOVIĆ, director of the Montenegrin National Theatre

The project is funded by the Communication budget of the EU Delegation to Montenegro.

The entrance is free

Joint press release of Montenegrin non-governmental organizations


Podgorica, 10.10.2013.

We inform the public that the NGOs Women’s Rights Center, Anima, Association of Paraplegics – Podgorica, Centre for Civic Education, Center for Democracy and Human Rights, Center for Development of Non-Governmental Organizations, Center for Monitoring and Research, Center for Roma Initiatives, Children’s Rights Center, Civic Alliance, European Movement in Montenegro, Human Rights Action, Institute for Social Inclusion, Juventas, Rule of Law, SOS Hotline – Nikšić, and Women’s Safe House will refer the proposal for amendment of the acts of the applicable Law on Election of Councellors and Members of the Parliament to the President of the Montenegrin Parliament, Working Group for Building Confidence in the Election Process, presidents of the parliamentary political parties and the members of the Parliament, for the purpose of providing higher level of involvement of women in political life of Montenegro.

Therefore, we welcome the Protector’s of Human Rights and Freedoms initiative for adopting the Law on changes and amendments of the Law on Election of Councellors and Members of the Parliament, as well as the amendments proposed for the same purpose by SNP, Pozitivna Crna Gora and the Center for Monitoring (CEMI), because they address the same changes of the existing law that we advocate for. »

Konkurs za stažiranje u Centru za građansko obrazovanje (CGO)

Call for Internships at the Centre for Civic Education (CCE)

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) announces a call for the I generation of interns. The internship programme lasts for two months, with the possibility of extension of cooperation on various grounds. We invite You to apply for the following programmes:

Democracy – 1 position
European Integration – 2 positions
Human Rights – 2 positions
Active Citizenship – 1 position


-Gain experience that will certainly help them in choosing their future profession;
-Get introduced to the methodology of the work in the NGO sector and the project management;
-Participate in the organization of conferences, seminars, workshops, discussions, and other events;
-Establish contacts with representatives of institutions, national and international organizations, as well as decision-makers in the field they opt for;
-Learn the meaning of team-work;
-Want to help in the implementation of the initiatives for the benefit of the community in which we live.


The internship provides the opportunity to gain practical knowledge and experience in the work within the NGO sector, through active participation in the implementation of the current programme activities. An additional education programme about civil society in Montenegro, as well as the issues covered by the CCE, through the mentoring work of programme coordinators with selected interns has been prepared.
Internship does not mean conceiving an employment nor it is paid.


Eligible applicants for the internship programme: students of final years of studies (regular or postgraduate) and those who have graduated or acquired a master’s degree one year from the date of publication of this call, and, in the field of social sciences.

The call is open until 20 October 2013, until 16h, and the applications for participation in the programme (CV+motivation letter) should be sent to, with the subject “APPLICATION FOR AN INTERN“. If you are applying for two or more programmes, mark with numbers from 1 to 4 your priorities. The later received applications will not be considered. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

The decision on the selection of 6 interns will be announced on 22 October 2013 on the CCE website. The internship lasts from 23 October until 23 December 2013.

Apply and be part of the CCE team!

Again without criteria and against Budget and those who work

Centre for Civic education (CCE) since the beginning of the establishment of working groups for preparation of the negotiations with the EU pointed to the selectivity and lack of clearly defined criteria for the financing of the work of these working groups, and one centralized budget for these purposes, as the interested public could regularly monitor the costs.

Namely, we have claimed that it is inappropriate that some members of these groups are paid for their work, some do not, as well as that these payments are different, without essential measures of performance or other objective criteria. In addition, it should be recalled that all the representatives of the NGO sector completely voluntary contribute to the work of the working groups, whereby because of the bad normative solutions they are even denied to go to bilateral meetings, which are held in Brussels. »

Human Rights School visiting Police Directorate

Participants of the XVIII generation of Human Rights School, organized by the Centre for Civic Education (CCE), with the support of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, visited the Police Directorate within the practical part of their curricula, through which they got the opportunity to get acquainted with the functioning, authority and activities of the Police Directorate, Security Centre Podgorica, as well as the Detention Unit.

Programme of the XVIII generation covers broad theoretical and practical knowledge about the concept of human rights, and visit to the institutions dealing with the promotion and protection of human rights. One of those institutions, which is recognized as an important factor in the protection and promotion of citizens’ rights is also Police Directorate, which enabled visit of participants of Human Rights School and familiarized them with its competence, organization and activities. »