FAST FORWARD 2015 Human Rights Film Festival opened

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) opened the sixth instalment of FAST FORWARD Human Rights Film Festival on 11 December 2015 in Montenegrin National Theatre (CNP) with the screening of movie “Reaper” at 20h00.

At the opening of Festival, Daliborka Uljarević, Executive Director, pointed out that “all of us from the Centre for Civic Education know how much dedication is needed to make this Festival happen, and gather through one of the forms of civic activism and to affirm human rights and the imperative of protection of human dignity through the prism of culture.” She assessed that “the system of protection of human rights in Montenegro is not efficient, it is considerably politicised, subdued to particular interests and not to the interest of public, thereby it does not present the necessary institutional response”, and emphasised that “nowadays, civil sector in Montenegro sublimates numerous organisations which, according to some segments, deal with the improvement and protection of human rights, such as the protection of rights of persons with disabilities, LGBT persons, Roma, women, children, ethnic communities, and other. To fight for their rights means to fight of the rights of us all.”

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“REAPER” opens the FAST FORWARD 2015 Human Rights Film Festival

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) will tonight, on 11 December at 20h00, in Montenegrin National Theatre (CNP), open the sixth instalment of FAST FORWARD Human Rights Film Festival with the screening of movie “Reaper”.

At the opening of the Festival, Daliborka Uljarević, CCE Executive Director will address the audience, as well as B. Bix Aliu, Deputy Chief of Mission in the US Embassy in Montenegro, which is one of the donor of the Festival. Also, Croatian director Zvonimir Jurić, whose courageous, human drama „Reaper“ tonight has Montenegrin premiere will talk to audience. »

FAST FORWARD Human Rights Film Festival 2015 selection presented on International Human Rights Day

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) organised a press conference today, on International Human Rights Day, whereby it presented the programme and partners of FAST FORWARD Human Rights Film Festival 2015.

Daliborka Uljarević, CCE Executive Director began by underlining that “the idea of the FAST FORWARD Human Rights Film Festival has been developed in the framework of the vision of the Centre for Civic Education (CCE), through which the CCE recognised Festival as different approach in communicating complex matter of human rights to the citizens”. She also emphasised that: “We believed, and we still do, that film is the right medium that can subconsciously incite the empathy in us, as well as the motivation for further education and defending the rights of those who are endangered”. Uljarević announced that Festival will present eleven excellent movies throughout the course of next five days, movies which already won numerous international recognitions. She presented the programme in detail, noting that Zvonimir Jurić, Croatian director, will be the guest of the opening of Festival, and that Damir Nikšić, famous Bosnian-Herzegovinian conceptual artist and one of the protagonists of movie “One day in Sarajevo” will come on the fourth day of the Festival. She concluded by reminding that the duality of FAST FORWARD Festival combines the art with human rights, adding that CCE and Festival will announce annual awards for the affirmation of human rights and civic activism on the closing ceremony of Festival in the category of individuals and organisations. «These awards are also of one of the characteristics of Festival, and by awarding them we aspire to contribute in the identification and stimulation of those who make generous efforts to better the Montenegrin society, without questioning the versatility of human rights”.

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Unlawful honorary citizenships must be annulled and the once responsible must be processed

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) filed a request to the Ministry of Interior and Public administration and Supreme State Prosecutor for annulment of 82 decisions on honorary Montenegrin citizenship. In addition, CCE filed a criminal complaint to the Chief Special Prosecutor against several John Does who work in the Ministry of Interior and Public administration.

CCE determined a severe violation of law
by analysing the procedure of acquiring Montenegrin citizenship, in part related to the award of citizenship with reference to Article 12 of Law on Montenegrin citizenship, which stipulates the conditions for the reception of persons of special significance for state, scientific, economic, cultural, sport, and other interest for Montenegro (so called honorary citizenship). »

24 years since the attack on Dubrovnik without the responsibility for the crimes

Podgorica/Zagreb, 6 December 2015.

Centre for Civic Education (CCE), Human Rights Action (HRA) and Centre for dealing with the past – DOCUMENTA remind of the day when soldiers of Yugoslav People’s Army (YPA) and Montenegrin reservists conducted an unjustified attack on Dubrovnik on 6 December, 24 years ago. Only on that day, 19 people were killed in bombing, 60 were wounded, and the library of International university centre was burned along with 20 000 books, and the UNESCO-protected core of the city was severely damaged. Siege of Dubrovnik lasted for nine months and began on 1 October 1991.

So far, only two persons were convicted for war crimes during the attacks on Dubrovnik (attacks on civilians and civilian objects), former YPA general, Pavle Strugar and his subordinate commander Miodrag Jokić, and this was done before the International court – Tribunal in Hague. On the other hand, it is a well-known fact that countless war crimes were committed against the civilian population during the siege of Dubrovnik and occupation of the surrounding area, in the form of murders, molestation, devastation and looting. State officials of Montenegro already assumed the responsibility for the looting of livestock from farm in Grude and negotiated on compensation for the equipment that was stolen from Dubrovnik airport. »