Fast Forward Human Rights final conference was held

Within the framework of the project Fast Forward Human Rights!, Centre for Civic Education (CCE) today held a conference in hotel Ramada, in Podgorica, starting at 10h00, as the final public event of the aforementioned project, that the CCE conducted with Civic Initiatives (CI) from Belgrade, from November 2013 till January 2015, and with the financial support of the European Union through EU Delegation to Montenegro.

Daliborka Uljarević, executive director of the Centre for Civic Education (CCE) emphasized that the “Final conference is an opportunity to look back at some of the achievements of the project that lasted for 14 months, and within which we tried to fast forward the development of the culture of human rights in Montenegro in various manners”. While speaking about the ambient for the realization of human rights, she pointed out that “Intolerance, various manifests of discrimination, violation of human rights of citizens in diverse manners by different social subjects, whether they are passionate or xenophobic individuals or groups, or even untransformed state institutions, remain challenges with which we face. Numerous efforts in the regulation of the legal and institutional framework remain formal, as indicated by rare examples of adequate processing of cases of human right violations, as well as the absence of necessary response from the institutions even when systematic human right violations are in question.” She concluded that “It is very important to emphasize that it was precisely in the year when part of NGO sector, which has critical attitude towards the work of authorities and bad results of public politics, was the subject of brutal discrediting and discrimination on a personal basis, a project that had a wide grip of affirmation and raising of civil societies organization capacities regarding the protection of human rights was implemented. Thereby, capacities of NGO sector were strengthened not only to advocate the rights of marginalized groups and other forms of human right violations, but also to be able to protect its own rights, as well as to strengthen mutual relations of thrust and solidarity.” »

Completed training for journalists in developing techniques of reporting on human rights violation cases in Montenegro

Centre for Civic Education (CCE), in cooperation with Civic Initiatives (GI), within the framework of implementation of the “Fast Forward Human Rights” project, supported by the EU Delegation to Montenegro organized, from 9 to 11 January 2015, training for journalists in developing techniques of reporting on human rights violation cases in Montenegro.

The aim of the training was to familiarize young journalists with the existing legal and institutional framework concerning human rights in Montenegro, commitments undertaken in the context of European integration process, the case law of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, as well as with the procedures, mechanisms and instruments to monitor human rights violation cases in Montenegro and media reporting on them.

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