Thematic session of Parliamentary Committee for Education, Culture, Science and Sport completed the Student Leadership Programme

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) organised a visit to the Committee for Education, Culture, Science and Sport within the Student Leadership Programme, whereby students had the opportunity to familiarise with the manner and decision-making process concerning the higher education in Parliament, as well as to meet with the members of the Committee, as makers of these decisions, and exchange experiences and recommendations regarding the questions that were important to students. At the end of the 63rd thematic session, dedicated precisely to Student Leadership Programme, Branka Tanasijević, president of the Committee president, awarded the diplomas to participants for successful participation in this Programme.

Branka Tanasijević familiarised the students with the work of the Committee and its competencies and encouraged them to address the Committee whenever they are willing to attend the its sessions and discuss on matters of importance. “Ideas of students are essential for the improvement of work of Committee, and its contribution in the resolution of students’ problems”, Tanasijević underlined. She reminded that students make 1/5 of managing bodies on universities, thereby on their faculties, but she also advised that they should make bigger use of the existing legislative and institutional framework in order to ensure their rights.

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Cooperation on the implementation of FAST FORWARD Human Rights Film Festival 2015 with the Municipality of Berane confirmed

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) and Municipality of Berane officialy confirmed and specified the announced cooperation in the implementation of FAST FORWARD Human Rights Film Festival 2015 by signing the Memorandum on Cooperation.

Memorandum on Cooperation was signed between Daliborka Uljarević, CCE Executive director and Dragoslav Šćekić, President of Municipality of Berane, whereby they agreed to hold the Berane edition of Festival in the Hall of Municipal assembly, during the period from 13 to 14 December 2015.

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Diplomas awarded to participants of XXVI generation of Democracy School

XXVI generation of Democracy School, organized by the CCE with the support of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, was solemnly awarded with diplomas. Participants who successfully completed the programme were awarded by Daliborka Uljarević, CCE Executive Director and Radovan Radonjić, PhD, School leader.

By awarding the diplomas, Daliborka Uljarević emphasised that “education is paramount for the development of democratic society of active citizens”, but also that “a significant number of existing crisis in Montenegro are the result of lack of educated staff with integrity, as well as of knowledge and practice of advanced system of values”. She expressed her belief that “precisely those citizens who work on self-improvement represent the potential and the opportunity for reforms and establishment of open society which would be based on rule of law, strong institutions and informed citizens willing and able to hold the decision-makers accountable for their decisions and actions”.

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Volunteers’ group formed for the FAST FORWARD Human Rights Film Festival 2015

Within the preparations for the sixth edition of FAST FORWARD Human Rights Film Festival 2015, Centre for Civic Education (CCE) held a meeting and formed the group of volunteers which will work on logistical support, assist in the organisation and promotional activities before and during the Festival, both in Podgorica, and with simultaneous short editions in Kotor and Berane.

CCE selected twenty-five young people out of more than sixty who applied for volunteering, who understand the importance of human rights along with their passion for movies, and who wish to contribute in bringing the sixth edition of Festival closer to their peers, as well as to numerous other citizens.

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ID Vijesti once again partner in FAST FORWARD Human Rights Film Festival 2015

Centre for Civic Education (CGO) has been working intensively on the organisation of sixth FAST FORWARD Human Rights Film Festival 2015, by preparing a quality and diverse programme, which the audience of this already traditional Festival expects.

By recognising the importance of this Festival, ID Vijesti decided to once again provide contribution in its implementation. In this regard, Daliborka Uljarević, CCE Executive Director and Željko Ivanović, ID Vijesti Executive Director signed the Agreement on cooperation, as a result of mutual understanding concerning the need to contribute to the development of culture of human rights where intensive communication and cooperation among all stakeholders is necessary, especially between the media and non-governmental organisations, which could, in addition to the institutions, significantly influence the improvement of this framework. Based on the Agreement, Vijesti will dedicate full media attention and ensure the coverage of Festival within its reporting, promote the Festival with its announcement, and participate in the work of the Council of Festival through their representative. CCE will present Vijesti in its promotional material issued by the Festival, and give the priority right for interviews with guests of the Festival in line with the interest of Vijesti, as main media sponsor among print media.

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