Commemoration of 77 anniversary of Crystal night

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) organised a performance ahead of the International Day of fight against Fascism and anti-Semitism – November 9, by commemorating the 77 anniversary of Crystal night as a contribution to memory of the victims of Holocaust. The performance was held on Sunday, 8 November 2015, starting at 14h00, at the Republic Square in Podgorica.

With this performance, CCE reminded that Montenegro has to work continuously on the establishment of society free of any form of hatred pointed towards individual or group diversities. CCE’s activists, along with citizens, addressed the message of peace and handed out promotional material, based on which they underlined the values of equal opportunities, tolerance, solidarity and responsibility. After the performance, CCE Youth group held a discussion focused on the issues of fascism, anti-Semitism and xenophobia and whether the aforementioned issues are present in Montenegro, and how to deal with them, or how to prevent them.

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Rule of Law or Force?

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) and Institute Alternative (IA) warn of obvious example of obstruction of justice within the bodies that should primarily secure the law enforcement, and which must be urgently solved.

IA and CCE estimate that yesterday’s hearing of commander of Special Antiterrorist Unit (SAJ) Radosav Lješković before the Prosecution represents a textbook instance of obstruction of justice, obstruction of investigation as well as a form of abuse of official position. »

Ministry of Interior did not deny any CCE’s data, but it opened additional questions regarding

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) is taken by surprise with the reaction of the Ministry of Interior of Montenegro (MoI) in which it stated series of superficial, inaccurate and baseless alleged denials of issues that were not either contained in the analysis “Honorary citizenships – awarded to whom and how?” or stated by the CCE representatives at the press conference on 27/10/2015.
For the public, we emphasise the following:

1) In its research on the number of awarded honorary citizenships, the CCE documented the period from 5 May 2008 till 22 July 2015, during which 203 persons received such citizenship. It is an undisputed data supported precisely by the documentation which the CCE acquired from MoI, and that timeframe was clearly indicated at the press conference, properly publicised in 12 media, while in only three the general framework of 7 years was indicated. Furthermore, page 15 of publication, which is available at the CCE website, also list this period. We are sorry that competent persons from MoI failed to carefully review, in line with professional standards, the media reporting about this number or to read the publication. Therefore, the data that 206 honorary citizenships were awarded till 1 October 2015 does not deny at any stage the CCE. »