Labels instead of dialogue

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) welcomes the first signed statement, out of four that University of Montenegro (UoM) issued in an attempt to question the credibility of the CCE and its employees. We do appreciate the progress made at least in part that from now on they will find a “scapegoat” for the sake of public defense of the indefensible.

However, it remains unclear on which basis does the Chairman of the Scientific Board of the UoM, Vladimir Pešić, answer when as much as the day before, the rectorate argued that they have nothing to do with the contentious PhDs and professors. »

Facts deny University of Montenegro

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) responsibly indicates to social deviations that it detects and tries with its actions to provoke adequate institutional response, but also to work constructively towards improving the existing legal framework and bad practices. Within that framework, the study “Academic honor at the Montenegrin manner – plagiarisms in Montenegro and their (non) processing” was produced, and obviously lead to a hysterical reaction of the leadership of the University of Montenegro (UoM).

The effort invested by the UoM in 2016 to hide all the required information from the CCE
and to ignore the serious issues to which CCE indicated, with accompanying dishonorable actions in an attempt to discredit the work of CCE, is inversely proportional to their effort and time used for prevention, suppression and processing of plagiarism of the academic staff and students at the UoM. And all that is paid by the citizens of Montenegro, which can find out very little about the work of UoM, from the site of UoM, and only if they abstract the selfpraises of UoM leadership, led by rector Radmila Vojvodić. »