Montenegrin institutions must establish zero tolerance to plagiarisms

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) expresses concern regarding decision of the Basic State Prosecution (BSP) that there are no grounds for criminal prosecution of persons who have illegally taken a part of curriculum from colleagues from Croatia, thus continuing with a negative practice of (non)prosecution of plagiarism by the Prosecution, which neither contributes to the necessary improvement of quality of educational system in Montenegro, nor to the rule of law.

As a reminder, the Croatian mediahave firstly published in August this year an information that part of new Montenegrin curriculum has been copied from package of Croatian educational reform, which has not received political support for adoption in Croatia itself but was a publicly available material. This scandal has drawn attention of Croatian and Montenegrin public, as well as of broader regional one, and has indisputably and with a reason brought quite a negative publicity for Montenegrin educational institutions wherein all of this has passed.

Citizens of Montenegro themselves could also exercise an insight into both documents through media articles from Croatia and numerous from Montenegro, that have shown that those parts are identical, with slight language adaptations. »

Transformation of RTCG from a party into a Public Service should not be halted

Podgorica PR press service – Transformation of Radio and Television of Montenegro (RTCG) from party to the Public Service must not be halted, since it would be a first step towards restraining of the European integration and European future of Montenegro, as it was stated from the performance ‘Independent Public Service and full stop’.

The protest performance, in front of Parliament of Montenegro at which today chains from RTCG were simbolically taken off, was organized by the Centre for Civic Education (CCE), Centre for Research and Monitoring (CEMI), Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ), Centre for Development Non-Governmental Organizations (CDNGO), Institute Alternative (IA) and Network for Affirmation Non-Governmental Sector (MANS).

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Rakocevic is a mirror of academic honor of UoM’s management

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) expresses regret over decision of the Senate of the University of Montenegro (UoM) to elect Velimir Rakocevic into position of regular professor for Criminal-Law group of subjects at the University of Montenegro, with the full awareness of controversies that follow academic work of Rakocevic. It seems as if we did not need to wait for long for new management of UoM to demonstrate that it remains allegiant to previous  «principles» in relation to issues of academic honour and election into academic titles, wherein the applied criteria are outside of academic sphere. Herewith, all their promises of work on improvement of quality of education at the UoM have been annulled, and the farce of changes at the UoM has been denuded.

Anticipating this course of events, CCE has yestearday appealed to the Rector of UoM prof. PhD Danilo Nikolic, President of the MB prof. PhD Dusko Bjelica, as well as Vice-Rector and President of Scientific Board prof. PhD Irena Orovic, to terminate practice of valuing non-academic criteria and to consistently apply existing framework that defines these issues, which includes a thourough check of Rakocevic’s submitted documentation and assessment in the accordance with Measures on conditions and criteria for election to the academic title. »

Invitation to citizens for a public performance in defence of independence of public service RTCG

We will gather in front of Parliament of Montenegro in Podgorica on 27 December at 11h30 in protest against attacks and pressures on independence of RTCG.

We invite you to stand in defence of reforms that have started on Television of Montenegro – first steps in the editorial independence of news programme.

State of Montenegro, citizens of Montenegro deserve a good and fair public service.

For years we have been paying the public service RTCG, whilst having a biased and party TV.

Majority of members of Council of RTCG has managed to initiate a process of changes in previous two years and open up space for governance and editing of RTCG to be in a more objective manner.

Since September 2017, DPS via Agency for Prevention of Corruption (APC) and majority in the Administrative Committee of Parliament of Montenegro leads proceedings for dismissal of unsuitable members of the Council and appointing suitable ones.

An attempt of appointing yesterday’s official of DPS, Slobo Pajovic, to the Council is also ongoing.

Final blow is being prepared in the form of dismissal of Goran Djurovic, one of initiators of transformation of RTCG into a true public service.

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