Screenings from Festival «Fast Forward 2017» even after official festival days

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) yesterday, in the premises of PI Daycare for children and youth with disabilities and difficulties in development in Berane, in cooperation with Municipality of Berane, has organized a screening of film, Life Animated, by US director and awardwinner of a prestigious film award Oscar Roger Ross Williams, which was attended by parents of Daycare Centre users as well as employees of the same. Representatives of CCE have, on this occasion, delivered New Year’s packages to the users of Daycare Centre. 


Director of FAST FORWARD Human Rights Film Festival, Milos Knezevic, thanked the Daycare Centre for initiative for this screening to be held, as well as the Municipality of Berane, that has thus promoted an idea of FAST FORWARD Festival even after official festival days. ‘Director is introducing us all with autism through prism of an autistic boy Owen and his family, but also manages to dismantle borders, stereotypes and prejudices in understanding of this ever so actual problem. Therefore, we are rather pleased that this film was screened precisely today in the Daycare Centre’, concluded Knezevic.

Life Animated follows a true story about a child Owen Suskind who at three years old suddenly stopped talking and retreated into a place inside his own head. To the despair of his parents, Owen has been diagnosed with autism. Hower, boy’s father, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ron Suskind, has no attention of giving up that easily. Noticing that his son is mesmerized by Disney films, he decided to attempt to communicate with his son through characters and quotes from films like Aladdin, Dumbo, and Hercules, among others. Soon Owen was able to express himself through memorized lines and situations from the animated movies he loved, and after several years of silence was finally connecting again with his family. Director Roger Ross Williams has received a Directing Award at Sundance Film Festival for this film, and is an awardwinner of numerous audience awards on festival throughout the world.

CCE has, from 10 to 16 December 2017, organized VIII FAST FORWARD Human Rights Film Festival 2017, with a central programme in Podgorica in PI CIC ‘Budo Tomovic’ from 10 to 14 December, and accompanying editions in Berane 11 and 12 December in Centre for Culture and in Kotor from 15 to 16 December in Cinema ‘Boka’.

FAST FORWARD 2017 has been conducted with the support of Commission for Allocation of Part of Revenues from Games of Chance of Government of Montenegro, Canadian Embassy, foundation Heinrich Böll, Embassy of Italy, Embassy of Israel, Embassy of USA, as well as companies Metropolis, Studio Mouse, Post of Montenegro, PG Taxi and Compania de Vinos Montenegro. Partners of the Festival are PI CIC ‘Budo Tomovic’, BELDOCS, Sarajevo Film festival, CC ‘Nikola Djurkovic’ from Kotor, Municipality of Kotor, Municipality of Berane and Centre for Culture of Berane, while media sponsors are public service RTCG (TV and portal) and Vijesti (newspapers and portal).

Bojana Tomic, project assistant

APPEAL OF 11 NGOs – the Government should provide free access to information to the Commission for monitoring cases of attacks on journalists and release reports on the work of the Commission

Eleven NGOs (Human Rights Action, Centre for Civic Education (CCE), Centre for Investigative Journalism, Centre for Monitoring and Research (CEMI), Centre for Women’s and Peace Education ANIMA, Women’s Rights Centre, Institute Alternative, Juventas, Network for Affirmation of NGO Sector (MANS), Women’s Safe House and Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro (AYDM) have sent a letter to the President of the Government of Montenegro, Mr Dusko Markovic and Vice President of the Government and Minister of Justice, Mr Zoran Pazin, in which they appealed to them to provide conditions for effective work of the Commission and for informing the public on that work.

It was suggested that the Government publishes reports of the Commission and informs the public whether those reports, along with recommendations, were sent to the State Prosecution and Police Directorate, whether the implementation of recommendations has started, and whether any results were achieved, as well as that the Government ensures that the Police Directorate and Ministry of Interior are providing documentation to the Commission without censoring personal names.

It was pointed in the letter that the effective work of the Commission, as well as regular informing of the public on results of such work, is in general interest of respecting human rights and improving trust in work of the Government of Montenegro and other state bodies.

Please find attached the letter submitted to the President and Vice President and Minister of Justice of the Government of Montenegro.

DPS wants to demolish RTCG independency even at the cost of activation of balance clause

Reaction of Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) on our yesterday’s statement indicates that DPS is in a severe discrepancy not only with critically oriented non-governmental organizations that argumentatively point out deviations of the system and advocate for defence of public interest, but also with the European Union, USA and many other actors in the country and abroad.

Montenegro needs independent public service, not a copy of primitive media formats which have obviously become depleted since they lost real influence on Montenegrin citizens. Hence, panic reaction of creators of illegal actions to at any costs return control of DPS over public service is not surprising.  CCE, IA, CDNGO and CEMI are not the only ones loud in defence of RTCG, which after many years starts to transform into genuine public broadcasting service open for pluralism of opinion. Concern was expressed in more occasions also by representatives of US administration, but also the EU, and which stressed this issue even in the latest EC Non-paper on current state in chapters 23 and 24 in Montenegro, and which was also emphasized to Prime Minister Dusko Markovic in the accompanying letter of commissioner Johannes Hahn, into which signatories of this statement had insight, as well as in recent discussions with MEPs. »

Doctors to freely decide on interests of the profession

Centre for Civic Education (CCE), Institute Alternative (IA), Centre for Development of Non-Governmental Organizations (CDNGO) and Centre for Investigative Journalism of Montenegro (CIN MNE) appeal for removal of all obstacles as soon as possible and creation of conditions for normal functioning of the Doctors Chamber of Montenegro whose work is being obstructed by the Ministry of Health of Montenegro in various manners for almost a year.

Current leadership of the Doctors Chamber is facing grave difficulties in performing their statutory jursidiction which consequently does not contribute to improvement of health system, professional capacities of the staff, ethical and professional standards and interests of doctors.

It is not only doctors profession that is at the loss, but all citizens for whom is of key importance to have professional and expert system that can offer them a quality health protection.

Doctors Chambers is autonomous and free in its work, and may be a useful part of the health system as a whole. Ministry of Health should follow what are requests and opinion of doctors profession even when its severe critic, and not be someone who will restrict with pressures and impose a course of action of this professional organization. It is the only manner in which they can be allies in recovery of the Montenegrin health system. »

Last assault of DPS on independency of RTCG

We inform national and international public that Administrative Committee of Parliament of Montenegro continues illegal action in proceedings that are being led towards members of Council of RTCG, exactly in the manner that we warned in our statement from 5 October 2017.

Administrative Committee called upon member of the Council, Goran Djurovic, to, in the next Committee session, scheduled for 27 December 2017, declare himself on all circumstances in relation to the fact that he violated Article 11 and 13 of Law on Prevention of Corruption.

We remind that Agency for Prevention of Corruption indisputably ascertained that Goran Djurovic is not in conflict of interest, which may represent the only legally founded basis for further proceeding of the Administrative Committee in this case. Additionally, Administrative Committee has jurisdiction for application of the Law on National Public Broadcaster Radio and Television of Montenegro, which Goran Djurovic has not violated, and which is also indisputably ascertained in the Decision of Agency for Prevention of Corruption. »