Arrest cannot be incentive for the media professionalism development

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) expresses concern about the increasing frequency of detention of journalists, based on the assessment that the information they publish influence dissemination of panic and riots. Recent cases of journalists Gojko Raicevic and Drazen Zivkovic, and earlier of journalist Andjela Djikanovic, point to elements of abuse of such conduct by the Prosecution. There are self-regulatory and regulatory mechanisms for violation of professional standards, while this restrictive approach can be misused and poses a threat not for fake news but fot freedom of expression.

At the same time, the CCE urges all media and journalists to respect the Code of Journalists Ethics of Montenegro. We ourselves had negative experience during 2018 when we were targets of an unprecedented negative campaign with a large number of ​​fake news publicised by part of media. Therefore, we appeal to all journalists to be guided by due journalistic diligence, professional standards and to verfy the information they publish. »

SEC will be paralized in the election year as of the next week

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) expresses concern over the fact that mandate of the President of the State Election Commission (SEC), Djordje Vukcevic, expires on 17 January this year, i.e. in a week, as he turns 67, and that the call for the election of new president of the SEC has not yet been announced. Hence, this central electoral institution will be unable to hold sessions and conduct other regular activities during the election year, which additionally and unnecessarily burdens the ongoing problems related to the electoral issues.

According to the Law on Election of Councillors and Members of Parliament, the president of the SEC is appointed by the Parliament, following the proposal of the Administrative Committee, after previously conducted public call. The Administrative Committee has the competence to timely announce a call and to conduct necessary procedure.

Considering the length of the procedure for electing a new president of the SEC, it is already clear that the SEC will, at best, get a new president by the end of the first quarter, and meanwhile it will be paralyzed. This situation in the SEC, which is already burdened with affairs related to respect for laws and internal acts, does not contribute to raising citizens’ confidence in the electoral process, which this institution should take the lead as its mission is to control the regularity of the electoral process. »

Kadija proved that she has a spine

The Centre for Civic Education (CCE) welcomes the decision of the Supreme Court, which rejected the revision of the decision of the High Court in Podgorica, hence the last court instance confirmed the illegal dismissal of Andrijana Kadija as Director General of RTCG. This Supreme Court decision puts an end to series of final verdict for the unlawful dismissals of former management against which the smear campaign was led, and whose target was also the CCE. Andriana Kadia proved that she has a spine, which neither those who ordered, initiated and executed her dismissal had.