Systemic response to brain drain is needed

On the occasion of the International Youth Day, the Centre for Civic Education (CCE) again points to unfavourable position of young people within Montenegrin society, who remain one of the most marginalized groups, and without systemic response by the state to the growing problems that young people face.

Due to this status in the society, young people are leaving Montenegro in search of better opportunities for themselves. However, there is no official data on the extent of this problem, nor on whether young people who left Montenegro did so temporarily or forever. This sends an additional message to young people that the Montenegrin institutions do not recognize this problem as a priority nor that they want to work towards comprehensive solution and retention of young people by providing them with equal opportunities for personal and professional development.

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24 years since the operation ”Storm”

On the occasion of 24 years from the Operation Storm, which lasted from 4 to 7 August 1995, the Centre for Civic Education (CCE) pays a tribute to the innocent victims of this crime and urges the competent institutions to prosecute all those responsible, but also to work on strengthening the culture of remembrance through the proactive engagement, as a prerequisite for ensuring justice for victims and preventive action.

We remind that the attack on Knin, 24 years ago, in the dawn of 4 August 1995, marked the beginning of the long-prepared exodus of Serbs from Krajina. In the military-police operation ‘Storm’ by the Croatian units, systematic crimes were committed against civilian population of Serb ethnicity and their property. In few days, around 250,000 people were evicted, mainly to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and other countries of former Yugoslavia, and thousands of houses and other facilities have been burned, while still large number of refugees are waiting for their return to the areas from which they were expelled. According to the data of the Croatian Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, by the end of 1995, about 400 Serbs who decided to stay in their homes were killed.

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