Facts are defence against oblivion and xenophobia

On the eve of 27 January – International Holocaust Remembrance Day – Centre for Civic Education (CCE) uses the opportunity to pay a tribute to millions of victims perished in Holocaust during World War II, and to highlight the importance of education and culture of remembrance for everyone who gave their contribution to the fight for equality, tolerance, solidarity and responsibility. 

Nowadays, xenophobes extend and create divisions where they could not even be foreseen. Instead of mutual appreciation, members of another nation, religion, race, gender and sexual orientation are often under the attempt to being humiliated by hate speech or direct physical violence. In the midst of migration of peoples from war-torn countries, it is not a small number of those who instead of welcome and shelter are receiving exclusion accompanied with crude violation of their elementary rights.

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Local authorities must listen more carefully and responsibly to the voice of citizens

– Reaction of Coalition KUM to felling of cypresses in Bar –

The Coalition for Transparency and Fight against Corruption at the Local Level (KUM) assesses that the felling of cypresses in Bar represents an example of non-functionality of local democracy which should be based on direct approach and transparency. Unfortunately, institutes such as public discussions, consultative referendum, petitions, local community organisations, assembly of citizens, and similar, exist only as legal possibilities, but do not prevail in practice. Consequences can be seen also in this decision which is contrary to the expressed position of citizens of Bar.

It is concerning that local parliament in Bar has overpassed the appeal of citizens to prevent the urban violence. And the local level of government should precisely be the one to have the special sensibility for their needs and initiatives. It was shown also that the position of authorities is opposed even to current mechanisms for protection of rights and freedoms, since not even the decision of authorised court instance – Administrative Court, was not waited on.

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Government should work more on substantial improvement of journalist’s position

Centre for Civic Education (CCE), on the Day of Journalists of Montenegro, takes the opportunity to congratulate to all journalists in Montenegro who, despite the unfavourable environment for work and pressures they face, still contribute to the right of all citizens to be timely and objectively informed. At the same time, the CCE reminds that situation in the media sector in Montenegro is extremely concerning, and that precisely those journalists wishing to do their job professionally are placed in a rather unfavourable position.

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