The silence of the senators

Professor  Danilo Nikolic, professor  Djurdjica Perovic, professor Irena Orovic, professor Natasa Kostić, professor Boris Vukicevic, professor Dusko Bjelica, Professor Radoje Korac, professor Vesna Kilibarda, professor Sanja Pekovic, professor Predrag Miranovic, professor  Zarko Dasic, professor Milan Markovic, professor Goran Barovic, Dr Radoslav Raspopovic, professor Kemal Delijic, professor Nikola Milovic, professor Spiro Ivosevic, professor Sasa Mujovic, professor Bojan Martinovic, Master Jovan Gardasevic, Sasa Rocen, Jovan Bajramovic, Aleksandar Sipcic and Pavle Malovic.

These are the names of the members of the Senate of the University of Montenegro (UoM) who, at its session on 18 September 2019, according to the available minutes, could not decide on the basis of the Report of the Commission for the conducting procedure of determining plagiarism in the case of Prof. Dr. Bojana Lakicevic Djuranovic whether it was plagiarism. We recommend integral reading of this report, and we particularly highlight the following excerpt from page 5: »

Film is an important media for human rights education

Podgorica, PR Press Service - An important role in the educational process has development of creativity, and within the FAST FORWARD Travelling Film factory project more than 240 elementary pupils had the opportunity to learn about human rights through the film perspective and interaction with their peers.

This was stated at the conference ‘Engaged art as a tool for human rights education’, organized by the Centre for Civic Education (CCE), with the support of the Ministry of Education.

CGO konferencija »

Education against oblivion

By diploma awards to the participants, the Traveling School of Transitional Justice, intensive pilot programme implemented by the Centre for Civic Education (CCE) within the project “Dealing with the Past – Building a Brighter Future”, was completed.

CGO Putujuća škola tranzicione pravde »

Media reporting on the LGBTIQ community mostly positive

After two-month monitoring of media reporting on LGBT community in Montenegro, Centre for Civic Education (CCE), ascertains the dominantly positive and neutral media reporting on the Pride Parade and related topics. CCE invites all media to report about the LGBTIQ community more profoundly and frequently, even beyond particular events regarding that community.

CCE has, from 21 August to 20 October 2019 within the framework the project ‘NO to Discrimination, YES to Diversity’, conducted a qualitative and quantitative monitoring of media reporting. More precisely, number of media announcements about the LGBTIQ community (by type of media and by media individually), number of announcements in relation to subjects talking about the topic, planning of announcements, number of announcements of different tone, number of announcements in relation to pre-specified topics, number of announcements with use of inadequate terminology or use of derogatory names, number of announcements by gender of interlocutor, ratio of information about the LGBTIQ community and other information contained within observed announcement (focus) and position of selected announcement (visibility) were observed. This research covered 15 media, of which were 3 televisions (RTCG, TV Vijesti and TV Prva), five daily newspapers (ND Vijesti, Dan, Pobjeda, Dnevne novine and Večernje novosti), seven portals (Vijesti, CdM, Analitika, Antena M, RTCG, IN4S and FOS media). The findings of the first monitoring phase, i.e. one month prior, on the day of the Parade and the day after the Pride Parade, were presented on the 23 September 2019. »