Film – an ally in the fight for human rights

Podgorica, PR Press Service – Regional authors strongly contribute to the development of films that address human rights as well as films dealing with the past, thus informing about historical events and shaping collective consciousness of society.

This was announced at a panel discussion, “Film Deals with the Past”, organized by the Centre for Civic Education (CCE), in cooperation with the forumZfD.

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Diverse film and side programme at fourth day of FAST FORWARD festival 2019, with opening of FAST FORWARD 2019 in Kotor

X FAST FORWARD Human Rights Film Festival Montenegro 2019 is entering its fourth day today and the audience in Podgorica will have the opportunity to see five screenings, while the sixth edition of the FAST FORWARD Festival will be opened in Kotor.

On the fourth day of the FAST FORWARD Festival, as part of the FAST FORWARD Gender Equality! festival programme at the Scene Studio within the Montenegrin National Theatre, the focus is on films that address women’s rights and women in different professions and situations who are fighting for their place in a world of gender separated roles. This part of the FAST FORWARD 2019 Festival programme is supported by the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights through the project “Let’s accelerate gender equality”.

The first screening begins with the premiere of Golda, at 5:00 pm. It is the eventful story of Golda Meir’s term as Prime Minister of Israel – from the surprising rise to power and iconic international stature as ‘queen of the Jewish people’ to her tragic and lonely demise.

In 6:30 pm there is a documentary, biography movie that does not stop to take on the board audiences and critics across the world  – RBG. It brings powerful and inspiring story about the life and struggle of a U.S. Supreme Court judge, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who left behind an extensive and valuable legal heritage and unexpectedly became an icon of pop culture. »

Impressive interest of the audience at the opening of the FAST FORWARD Festival in Berane

Podgorica, PR Press Service – The overcrowded Hall of the Culture Centre Berane at the opening of the Berane edition of the FAST FORWARD Festival, organized by the Centre for Civic Education (CCE), in cooperation with the Berane Municipality, Cultural Centre Berane and Gymnasium ’Panto Malisic’, confirms that this concept of communicating human rights reached broad audience in this city.

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