CZIP, Lika and Popovic Samardzic got the FAST FORWARD Festival awards

Podgorica, PR Press Service – Centre for Protection and Research of Birds (CZIP), Zenepa Lika and Dr Milena Popovic Samardzic got the Centre for Civic Education (CCE) awards for affirmation of human rights and civic activism within the X jubilee edition of the FAST FORWARD Human Rights Film Festival Montenegro.

Tonight, the Festival opened Montenegrin premiere of the film ‘Diary of Diana B’, directed by Dana Budisavljevic, the first woman who won the Golden Arena for Best Director at the Pula Film Festival since 1957.

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Corruption at local level continues to smoothly expand

On the occasion of International Anti-Corruption Day, the Centre for Civic Education (CCE) calls on Montenegrin competent institutions to finally position fight against corruption as its as its priority, especially given the devastating consequences of corruption that we constantly witness and the limitations it puts on overall democratization and Europeanization process. We also point out that fight against corruption at the local level is marginalized, but very important.

Serious deficiencies in the fight against corruption are also noted by the European Commission 2019 Report for Montenegro, as well as the Non-Paper on state of affairs in Chapters 23 and 24. They emphasize, in a negative context, judiciary and prosecution, but also work of the Anti-Corruption Agency. Party engineering cannot build institutions that will be credible and have professional capacity to produce track record, and this becomes clear to all. In this context, as expected, trust into institutions that should be the pillars of comprehensive fight against corruption is decreasing.

Citizens are most directly affected by corruption at the local level. Unfortunately, anti-corruption mechanisms have not demonstrated any effect so far. According to official data, 696 bodies out of a total of 711 (or 97.89%), from 2016 to the end of 2018, adopted integrity plans. Hence, there are large number of those who have formally fulfilled their obligation, but this form did not reflect into essence. Also, there are great discrepancies in the perceptions and actions of the competent authorities and interested non-governmental organizations, media, citizens and other entities, thus strengthening the existing gap instead of uniting forces in the fight against corruption. »

FAST FORWARD 2019 brings new provocative stories and greatest number of premiers up to now

This year’s X jubilee edition of the Human Rights Film Festival FAST FORWARD Montenegro has its thematic focus on dealing with the past, gender equality and LGBT rights, with numerous crosscutting contemporary human rights challenges communicated through impressive most recently produced films. FAST FORWARD 2019 brings the greatest number of premieres so far, but also an exhibition and series of panel discussions.

FAST FORWARD 2019 will be opened on Tuesday, 10 December – the International Human Rights Day, at 20h00 with the film THE DIARY OF DIANA B, directed by Dana Budisavljevic, the first woman to receive the Golden Arena for directing at the Pula Film Festival since 1957. This film has strongly shaken audiences across the region, while critics are giving it the best mark. It is the true story of the best people in the worst times. Diana Budisavljevic and her husband, a doctor, daughters and a newly born grandson live the life of a high-class civic from Zagreb. In the fall of 1941, she learned that Jewish women and Serb women were being taken to the detention camps where they were starving and sick. The Jewish municipality sends aid to the Jews, but no one cares about the Serbs. It initiates and leads an action that will save more than 10,000 children from the safe death in the Ustasha camps by the end of the war. Thanks to Diana’s diary, which was found by her granddaughter after her death, the heroic role of a woman convinced that her life was no more valuable than the life of the innocent persecuted. »