Media reporting on the LGBTIQ community mostly positive

After two-month monitoring of media reporting on LGBT community in Montenegro, Centre for Civic Education (CCE), ascertains the dominantly positive and neutral media reporting on the Pride Parade and related topics. CCE invites all media to report about the LGBTIQ community more profoundly and frequently, even beyond particular events regarding that community.

CCE has, from 21 August to 20 October 2019 within the framework the project ‘NO to Discrimination, YES to Diversity’, conducted a qualitative and quantitative monitoring of media reporting. More precisely, number of media announcements about the LGBTIQ community (by type of media and by media individually), number of announcements in relation to subjects talking about the topic, planning of announcements, number of announcements of different tone, number of announcements in relation to pre-specified topics, number of announcements with use of inadequate terminology or use of derogatory names, number of announcements by gender of interlocutor, ratio of information about the LGBTIQ community and other information contained within observed announcement (focus) and position of selected announcement (visibility) were observed. This research covered 15 media, of which were 3 televisions (RTCG, TV Vijesti and TV Prva), five daily newspapers (ND Vijesti, Dan, Pobjeda, Dnevne novine and Večernje novosti), seven portals (Vijesti, CdM, Analitika, Antena M, RTCG, IN4S and FOS media). The findings of the first monitoring phase, i.e. one month prior, on the day of the Parade and the day after the Pride Parade, were presented on the 23 September 2019. »

Workshops that connect learning, socialising and creativity

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) organised from 14to 18 October second five-day long workshop on filmmaking and media in the field of human rights for elementary school pupils aged 11-15. In this manner, they got familiar with the film and ways of communicating human rights through film. The workshop is part of the project FAST FORWARD Travelling Film factory.

CGO - Radionica - Filmsko i medijsko stvaralaštvo »

Local authorities should not ignore citizens’ requests

The Coalition for Transparency and Fight against Corruption at the Local Level (KUM) supports the efforts of non-governmental activists and citizens of Ulcinj to protect the Pine forest area and urges the Ulcinj local authorities to respect the voice of its citizens, but also to act responsibly towards the resources of this municipality.

We recall that the citizens of Ulcinj did not have timely information on plans and attempts to repurpose the area of ​​the Pine forest by the municipality of Ulcinj. Spatial-urban development plans (SUDP) of Ulcinj, through non-transparent process, intended this area for tourism and drafted Detailed urban development plan (DUDP), but it received negative opinion from the Audit Committee (12/06/2019). Consequently, it was not adopted by the local parliament within the legal deadline. Also, during almost nine years of working on the SUDP and two public debates, the Pine Forest was not mentioned, but other areas such as Velika plaza, Salina, Ada Bojana, Valdanos, Sas and Liman/Maslinjak were in focus. Although the valorisation of the Pine Forest was envisaged, it was not clear to what extent it would develop, except the part related to the construction of the new Hotel Galeb (on the site of the old hotel), which was supported by the citizens because that hotel used to represent one of the symbols of tourism. »