Letter to the member of RTCG Council

Dear members of RTCG Council,
Centre for Civic Education (CCE), within its programme “Democracy and the Media”, has been continuously following the work of the RTCG Council and implementation of the Law for Public Broadcasting Services RTCG already for a long period. CCE has clearly pointed at the structural mistakes in the media laws, and has practically demonstrated their detrimental effect, as well as outright breaches of the Law by certain members of the Council, and the unwillingness of individuals and political elites to contribute to the establishment of the rule of law in Montenegro. The goal of CCE is to give a full contribution to the transformation of RTCG into a genuine public service, which at the moment it is not, in spite of the existing legal framework…

Letter to the member of RTCG Council
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Public service deserves a responsible, beneficient and legal treatment

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) reminded today the members of the RTCG Council from the civil society, University of Montenegro and the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro of their share of responsibility for pressing for a solution to the cases of Ćalić and Mirković, reiterating the points of the Law on Public Broadcasting services of RTCG, and once again urged the President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Ranko Krivokapić, who identified himself as an interested party, to accept his share of responsibility in contributing to the solution of this issue…

Public service deserves a responsible, beneficient and legal treatment– (pdf)