Amar Musić, Project Assistant

Amar Musić completed his undergraduate and master’s studies at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Montenegro (UoM), specializing in Social Policy and Social Work. He successfully completed programmes accredited by the Institute for Social and Child Protection – Basic Training Programme for Professional Workers, Professional Associates, and Members of Multidisciplinary Teams for the Prevention and Suppression of Child Arranged Marriages (organized by the Center for Roma Initiatives), Improving the Skills of Professional Workers for the Prevention of Risky Behaviour and Negotiation Skills (organized by the NGO Juventas), as well as Training for Employed Professionals in the Field of Social and Child Protection on the topic of independent living of persons with disabilities and the deinstitutionalization process with an emphasis on socio-educational services (organized by the NGO Association of Youth with Disabilities). He completed a two-weeks Youth Academy organized by the EU Delegation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Understanding School, and the First Crisis Intervention Programme organized by the NGO CAZAS, then the School of Social and Economic Rights, organized by the Initiative for Economic and Social Rights (A11). Also, he participated in a capacity-building training for non-governmental organizations organized by RYCO and the OSCE Mission to Montenegro. He attended several international training programmes in B&H and North Macedonia, focusing on building trust, tolerance, and peace, as well as nurturing cultural, social, and religious differences in the Balkans and Europe, including Montenegro through the informal education programme of the Public Institution Museums and Galleries of Podgorica within the project Heritage of Equality – Through Cultural Heritage about Identity and Interculturality. He completed Programme of professional training at the Center for Social Work in Podgorica, volunteered for six months at the Public Health Institution in Podgorica, and also volunteered in the learning support programme for primary school students of Roma nationality organized by the Pedagogical Center of Montenegro. He is a member of the Solidarity Movement of Montenegro with Palestine. Fluent in Russian, with knowledge of English language.