Damir Nikočević, Development Director

Damir Nikočević completed his MA at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Montenegro where he previously specialized in journalism and obtained a BSc as one of the best students in a generation. He has passed the professional exam for work in state institutions. He is the founder of the first student portal in Montenegro Tragom, wherein he was Editor-in-Chief. His first working experience was in the CCE as PR/Programme Associate, continuing professional engagement in McCann Podgorica agency as Advertising Account Executive and taking part in numerous marketing projects and campaigns. He was a participant of the prestigious European Union Visitors Programme (EUVP) in Brussels and Paris, organized by the European Commission and the European Parliament, and previously study visit to Bucharest organised by TACSO, and to Brussels organised by European Commission, in the areas of influence on public policies, fostering transparency and civic activism. He attended the Swedish Academy for Young Professionals by the Lund University and the Swedish Institute, as well as the Young Bled Strategic Forum organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia and the Centre for European Perspective from Ljubljana, and Euro-Atlantic Academy – WEASA 2019 in Warsaw, organised by College of Europe Natolin, GMF, Freedom Foundation and Fulbright Commission. He completed the Democracy School in the organisation of CCE and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES), as well as regional programmes – Democracy School in Banja Luka organized by the FES, School of Political Philosophy PhD Zoran Đinđić organised by Foundation PhD Zoran Đinđić, Faculty of Political Sciences of the University in Belgrade and Balkan Trust for Democracy, Political Academy of Social-Democracy of FES and NGO New Society from Zagreb, regional Euro-Atlantic camp REACT organized by Alfa Centre, etc. Also, he participated in a series of conferences related to civil society development, European integration, democracy, communication, digital security and media, on which he has also been a panellist. He is a certified IREX media literacy trainer. During his studies, he was a scholar of the Municipality of Herceg Novi for remarkable achievements, and also the winner of an award for the best essay in competition organised by the Coordinating team for Montenegro’s accession to NATO. He is the author, co-author or editor of publications – On the other side of the keyboard – hate speech through the prism of citizens, laws and case studies; Equal chances for all media in Montenegro – 2021; Media in Montenegro from the perspective of citizens and journalists; Montenegro and Coronavirus: the state of nations in the first six weeks; SPINoFACT – Political advertising between spin and facts (local elections Mojkovac, Cetinje, Petnjica 2017)SPINoFACT 2 (presidential elections 2018)SPINoFACT 3 (local elections Podgorica 2018)SPINoFACT 4 – monitoring of media, social networks and comments on portals during 2020 Parliamentary elections in Montenegro; Pre-election lens of TVCGThrough whose eyes does the RTCG present the Montenegrin reality?How much and to whom do the citizens of Montenegro pay for advertising (reports for 2012 and 2013)How much, to which media and related agencies did municipalities in Montenegro pay for their services?Parliament of Montenegro: How much Montenegrin citizens spent for the work of MPs in 2012Parliament of Montenegro: Public Procurement and Contract ServicesStudent practice in Montenegro – between wishes and realityJudiciary and Court of PublicHow much for the exam?. He is a member of the editorial board of European pulse and Executive producer of the Montenegrin FAST FORWARD Human Rights Film Festival. He is a member of the Consultative Body that monitors and evaluates the implementation of the Strategy of Informing the Public on Accession of Montenegro to the EU 2019-2022, previously he was in the Working Body for its development. Fluent in English, with basic knowledge of Italian.