Vasilije Radulovic, Programme Associate

Vasilije Radulović, programme assistant

Vasilije Radulovic graduated from the Department of Historical law at the Law Faculty of the University of Montenegro where he earlier obtained a bachelor’s degree. He completed the Democracy School organized by the Centre for Civic Education (CCE) and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES), Traveling School of Transitional Justice in the organisation of the CCE with the support of the European Union, as well as the Regional School for Democracy organized by the FES. Additionally, he specialised in Montenegro and the region on the enforcement of Anti-Corruption Laws, as well as European integration of the Western Balkans. Also, during his studies, he participated in programmes related to national legal history and harmonization of national law with acquis communautaire of the European Union. He volunteered at one law firm in Montenegro. He is a lecturer at the Human Rights School and the Youth Activism School, organized by the CCE, on human rights and mechanisms for their protection. He held workshops in secondary schools throughout Montenegro on the prevention of juvenile delinquency and peer violence. Also, he is the author of the publications Prime Minister’s question time and MPs questions through the prism of statistics and Measures and sanctions against juveniles-perpetrators of criminal acts and associate in numerous research projects in the CCE. Advanced computer skills. Fluent in the English language.