For a year and three months, the Agency for prevention of corruption cannot decide regarding violation of law by the 25 mps of ruling coalition

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) today sent the new urgency to the new composition of the Council of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption (APC) for precise information concerning the outcome of the Initiative for launching proceedings against MPs who failed to report accurate and complete data in the 2017 revenue and property reports of the public officials, which was submitted by the CCE on 14 May 2018.

A year and three months ago, the CCE filed an Initiative requesting APC to establish liability and to initiate misdemeanor proceedings against 25 MPs of Montenegrin Parliament who did not report data on income and assets pursuant to the Law on Prevention of Corruption, which is directly related to the variable received by the MPs in December 2017. The CCE found that 24 of then MPs were in violation of the Law on Prevention of Corruption, as well as one former MP who became the mayor during the submission of the Initiative. They violated Articles 9, 23 and 24 of the Law on Prevention of Corruption, which stipulate the obligation of public official to report to the APC the accurate and complete information on the income s/he obtains by exercising an activity, and that the public official is obliged to give accurate and complete information in the report on revenues and assets, i.e. that the report contains all information regarding the public function he performs and which includes all revenues. »

Humanitarian development has to be intensified

On the eve of World Humanitarian Day (19 August), the Centre for Civic Education (CCE) wants to emphasize the importance of the principles of humanitarian aid, respect for human dignity and commitment to an equal opportunity society. Humanitarian workers cherish these values, and they should be established in all dimensions of the development of society, not only in times of crisis.

This year’s World Humanitarian Day is marked by humanitarian women – women in the humanitarian work. For the United Nations, but also for non-governmental activists in Montenegro, woman is a symbol of compassion, but also of strength and persistence. Humanitarians around the world assist people in conflict or natural disaster zones, and work in areas with problems such as hunger, gender-based violence, and then assist refugees and displaced persons, children, etc.

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Why do pupil textbooks make headache?

Changes and additions to the textbooks each new school year have not led to qualitative improvement of formal education, they represent financial burden for parents, and the reform processes have been chronically unplanned, which affects the teaching staff, textbook deficiencies and huge costs, as it is concluded, amongst other, in the analysis of the Centre for Civic Education (CCE) ‘Why do pupil textbooks make headache?

According to CCE data, the Government of Montenegro has allocated a minimum of 7,303 524.16 EUR for textbooks over the past six years. Of this amount, 6,304,150.11 EUR refers to the printing of textbooks, 864,381.36 for authors’ fees for textbook and 134,992.69 for reviewers’ fees. Expenditure for textbook editors should be added to this because the Institute for Textbooks and Teaching Aids has such workplace, and editorial expenses are paid through the monthly salary.

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Systemic response to brain drain is needed

On the occasion of the International Youth Day, the Centre for Civic Education (CCE) again points to unfavourable position of young people within Montenegrin society, who remain one of the most marginalized groups, and without systemic response by the state to the growing problems that young people face.

Due to this status in the society, young people are leaving Montenegro in search of better opportunities for themselves. However, there is no official data on the extent of this problem, nor on whether young people who left Montenegro did so temporarily or forever. This sends an additional message to young people that the Montenegrin institutions do not recognize this problem as a priority nor that they want to work towards comprehensive solution and retention of young people by providing them with equal opportunities for personal and professional development.

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