Twenty-two years since the operation Storm

On the occasion of 22 years since Operation Storm, which lasted from 4 to 7 August 1995, the Centre for Civic Education (CCE) appeals to the governments of the region to work more diligently to establish justice for victims of this, but also every other, armed action that took the innocent victims and produced destruction. It is disturbing that the West Balkan leaders are alienating themselves from obligation to deal with the past, which further aggravates the overall process of establishing justice for victims and the culture of remembrance.


Twenty-two years ago, with the attack on Knin, in the dawn of 4 August, started an exodus of Serbs from Krajina, the biggest ethnic cleansing in Europe after the Second World War. In the action of the Croatian army and police named ‘Storm’, with a tacit consent of the international community, more than 250,000 people were expelled in just a few days, mostly to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and other countries of former Yugoslavia, and thousands of houses and other buildings were burned, while even today, a large number of refugees are waiting for their return to the areas from which they were expelled. »

Students should be in focus

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) is once again perplexed by the tone and vocabulary in the reaction of the University of Montenegro (UOM), within its attempt to discredit the CCE’s work. Apart from the avalanche of tags, which becames seal of the unsigned reactions of UOM at the expense of CCE’s statements, we still have not received the answers to some of the key questions. Hence, this is at the level of already seen, uncreative and unsubstantiated slanders, or an expression which is not suitable for a higher education institution but at the same time confirms the CCE’s claims regarding the academic spirit at UoM.

CCE emphasised the issue of urgent solving of student enrolment on Higher Medical School in Berane, while staying neutral between two conflicted, and until recently, very close sides, because the situation is not all black and white.
This was clearly elaborated in CCE’s announcement, for all those who were willing and knowledgable to read it carefully. »