Will Special Prosecution resolve the misteries regarding the awarding of honorary citizenships?

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) welcomes the decision of Special State Prosecution to check the procedure in which 82 honorary citizenships were awarded. Namely, CCE previously indicated that the said citizenships are contentious in terms of the procedure prescribed by Law on Montenegrin citizenships, even though CCE was informed on this decision via the means of public informing and not directly as the submitter of complaint.

CCE has been working on this issue for almost a year now and within the activities related to this matter it published a list of all honorary citizenships awarded in Montenegro, as well as the addition to the same with the information for 2016. Initially, the Prosecution refused to take a specific stand on this matter and practically adopted the explanation of Ministry of Interior without any conducted investigative action, to which CCE pointed out to higher instances within the Prosecution based on legally determined procedures. »

Institutions covered by the Agreement on free and fair elections to ensure full transparency of work and proactive disclose of information

Centre for Civic Education (CCE), Institute Alternative (IA) and Network for the Affirmation of NGO sector (MANS) call all institutions, subjects of Agreement on free and fair elections, to ensure full transparency of their work and to provide continuous and timely disclosure of all relevant information in their possession on their official websites. Also, we call also other institutions, which are not under this Agreement, to ensure full transparency and proactivity in the disclosure of information, and thus to contribute to the creation of conditions for fair and free elections.

Law on Financing of Political Subjects and Election Campaigns prescribes the obligation of every institution to publish a set of most important information concerning their work, from the moment the elections were announced until a month after the end of elections. Still, due to the fact that Montenegro is characterised with high level of distrust into election process, as well as the suspicions that public funds and authorisations are being abused for electoral purposes long before the elections are published, the institutions should regularly publish all information about their work, regardless of whether the election campaign is ongoing or not. »