What kind of state of Montenegro do we need?

At the level of a political formula – a set of desirable values and the accompanying institutional framework that ensures them, and through which the system legitimizes itself, there is a majority consensus among the citizens of Montenegro regarding Montenegro as a European state of rule of law, democracy, social justice and inclusion, and environmentally… »

Citizens have more problems and politicians lack of accountability

Citizens do not perceive developed accountability of politicians, they have divided opinions about the assessment of (un)constitutionality of amendments to the Law on the President, but they mostly believe there is no excuse for the violation of the Constitution. Getting out of the crisis is seen through early Parliamentary Elections, without mediation, while the Government… »

Significant area for the improvement of e-services

Less than 30% of citizens of Montenegro who use Internet services are familiar with and have used some of the E-services of the public administration, whereas there are over two-fifths of citizens who are familiar with the existence of these services, but have never used them, and over one-quarter of citizens does not know that… »

Discrimination remains a big problem in Montenegrin society

More than hald of citizens of Montenegro recognize the presence of discrimination, and Roma, women and the poor are seen as the most discriminated, while 94.1% consider, through experience or indirect belief, that there is political discrimination in Montenegro, which they primarily see in the employment area. Dissatisfaction with the work of the institutions is… »

Generally positive although slower trend of acceptance of LGBT persons, negative influence of clericalization and radicalization of society

When it comes to understanding and accepting LGBT people in Montenegrin society, there is a generally positive, although somehow slower trend. This indicates a more mature and open approach, although in certain issues there is stagnation or even some regression, which can be explained by the wave of clericalization and radicalization in the last few… »