The photography exhibition “On the move” opened at Kuslev House Gallery

Today, the focus on empathy and solidarity is especially important, and this is exactly what are strongly reminding us of the photographs by Sandra Vitaljić, Damir Šagolj, Goran Boričić and Igor Čoko presented to the Podgorica audience within the exhibition “ON THE MOVE”, which was officially opened last night at Kuslev House Gallery. “This exhibition,… »

In the WG on the assessment of the Open Balkan initiative for Montenegro to include also critically oriented civic sector

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) welcomes the announcement by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of European Affairs, Jovana Marović, that the Government of Montenegro will form a Working Group to assess the (in)compliance of the Open Balkans initiative with our path to the EU, as well as good neighborly relations and potential economic benefits.… »

With better communication of relevant institutions on juvenile delinquency to contribution to prevention and reintegration

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) today organized a one-day training for representatives of the judiciary, prosecution, police administration and the Ministry of Justice to improve their communication knowledge and skills, as well as public appearances, in cases where perpetrators or victims are minors. Dragana Maljević, a communication expert and lecturer at the training, believes that… »

Progressive forces in the region should not retreat in front of a retrograde and loud minority

The panel, which discussed the possibilities of politicians of civic orientation, civil society organizations and activists to influence better relations in the region, yesterday ended the ZAGREB PLENUM – QUO VADIS, BALKANS? organized by the Regional Academy for the Development of Democracy (ADD) from Novi Sad, the Center for Dealing with the Past Documenta from… »