Badger under the court

Several days have passed since the news broke that the depot of the High Court in Podgorica was burglarized. At that moment, I believe no one anticipated that the break-in would unfold like a script from a thriller more fitting for certain Latin American countries. And my first association was milder than reality. I connected… »

Do your parents know?

My silence had not protected me. Your silence will not protect you. (Audre Lorde) For unnatural fornication between persons of the male sex, the perpetrator will be punished with up to two years in prison – Article 186 – Criminal Code of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia from 1951, Ofc. journal FPRY no. 13. Similar… »

Rainbow agenda

The first unwritten rule we learn in kindergartens is that playing with dolls is for girls, while cars are for boys. Pink is exclusively for skirts, and blue is the colour of shirts. In elementary school, teachers pair up a boy and a girl at the desks and carefully observe the development of their relationship,… »

Homophobia – a shortcut to (illusion of) power

When I was 14 years old, I used the term “faggot” for the first time. I did it in an attempt to “win” an argument with my younger brother. I don’t remember the cause of the argument, but I do remember a strong feeling that if I didn’t do something, I wouldn’t survive. The survival… »

Struggle for Authenticity: Perspectives on LGBTQ+ Identity and Society

June is recognized as a global holiday, or rather, Pride Month for LGBTQ+ individuals. However, that sense of pride is sometimes overshadowed by shame, sadness, and dissatisfaction – as the fight for full equality is long and exhausting. And it is not only a collective battle of those united with the same goal but also… »

Challenges in preserving basic human values

When we talk about human values, we refer to the legacy of the Enlightenment as an era that provided one of the most significant impulses to the development of modern civilization. To what extent do universal human values live in Montenegro nowadays? Freedom, equality, and human rights are inherent to every individual and should be… »

From crypto to cringe – election campaigns in 2023 Montenegro Parliamentary election in Montenegro 2023 (strategic-communication perspective)

Introduction The election campaign is the top of the political communication pyramid and the final step of the political campaign. A good and intelligent political campaign lasts every day of exercising power or opposition work, from the moment of taking office until election day. By no means with the same topics, the same messages, or… »

How much do pre-election promises cost?

Whoever wins the elections this week, we will hardly recognize Montenegro if the future government – whoever its constituents may be – fulfils even a part of the election promises. Let’s start with infrastructure and so-called capital projects. The leader of the Europe Now (PES) movement promises the construction of two highways and two fast… »

Bukovica is No Home of Justice

No remembrance day, no memorial, no established criminal responsibility of the perpetrators, no responsibility of the judicial authorities for failures in processing the cases, and no justice for the victims. It is a story about Bukovica and injustice. Jakub Durgut, a wonderful soul and a witness to the Bukovica crime, is no longer alive. In… »