Acceleration of the post-traumatic society

These days, a Fast Forward Human Rights Film Festival is being held in Podgorica, but it will not feature a movie that would tell how horrible and traumatic path of us as a society was to come to the first political party, the first bank, the first controversial businessmen, etc, even though we have such… »

The stage of our reality

Until that moment, which will be fiercely resisted by the existing rulers, because deep insidethey know they have been left behind the times, the rest of us can continue to watch the political theatre ever day, in hyper-realistic forms and without “aesthetics of responsibility”, whereas our artists stand aside waiting for opportunities and glory to… »

Return to Ourselves

It is time to stopfighting the imaginary enemy, and fight the enemy in ourselves. Such victories could be a proof that we’re climbing out of the periphery – not the words which, but being shouted too loudly for too long, lost their credibility and power… Return to Ourselves – (pdf)

Legalised corruption?

There’s no doubt that many levers of this government have been shaken. Without a skilled, committed and comprehensive effort, however, this in itself will not make its own collapse… Legalised corruption? – (pdf)


Some issues are simply not popular. Which is exactly why it’s the duty of all of us who do not feel like discriminated minorities to push for these topics, to insist on them even if those directly concerned cannot. For our sake, as much as for theirs. You never know when you’ll end up being… »

Panta rei

And this is why the thought as such is so inconsequential here: it has to be in the service of daily needs or worthless, it has to be a personal attack or it lacks the necessary stage flair, it has to be an attack on others because the phenomenological approach is too demanding for the… »

April smarts

Our life under selective implementation of already flawed laws is being thoroughly ignored in the hope that the problems will go away on their own or with certain individuals. This hope is as naive as the April fool’s joke was real, cynically uncovering the brutality of our reality and the impotence of the laws and… »

Life vs fear

Talmud says: “Perhaps it is not your destiny to succeed, but you must try”. Our own folk tradition offers a much more vivid and perhaps more understandable adage: “Fear the herd, fear a turd, but when will you live?”… Life vs fear – (pdf)

Visible results

We should work on changing the dominant discourse, and start dealing with individual problems instead of the grand, often ungraspable issues which are perhaps important from the mythological or some other standpoint but which have no palpable consequences for the quality of our lives, but rather represent an obstacle to the democratic transformation of Montenegro…… »

The House of Glembajs

Will you go back into the night of Glembajs or you know you’re worth more? It’s up to you. The House of Glembajs – (pdf)