Occupation: Patriot

What is patriotism? And who is it that’s currently endangering the interests and identity of Montenegro? How to fight them and to ensure the prosperity of the state? The cheap, circus-like patriotism ought to be opposed by civic patriotism, which is centred on citizens and their freedom… Occupation: Patriot – (pdf)

When you cheat, you will be cheated

There is a huge gap between what this oldest academic institution in the country should be and what it is, and an even bigger gap between our and European education. This will be one of the first chapters we will negotiate with EU. Is somebody thinking about this already, or will we just try to… »

Man Star

Freedom, human dignity, civic courage and political responsibility are inseparable in democratic societies. Their absence is the measure of how far we still stand from Europe, as much as of our own commitment to and fight for these values is a sight of our true European nature. To borrow an expression from the European Commission:… »

Day After

What is our vision? What are the main issues on which there will be no compromise? What are the realistic solutions for the problems we identified a hundred times before? These are the issues that should be the subject of new, constructive debates, instead of mean, fruitless exchanges which only undermine the already fragile potential… »

Visas for New Montenegro

Our ministers and other decision makers have also travelled, and we paid for their trips through the public budget, as well as for their stays in expensive hotels out of which they could not see the specificities of the cities they visited, so they remained with the same provincial mindset with which they had set… »

The Commission says-BUT

Brussels’ newspeak has no phrase for “emperor is naked”, but rather relies on a construction which translates to our language as “That’s nice, BUT…”. Which is why this report is generally positive, as it leaves us with a foggy promise that we won’t be staying alone in the house with bullies for much longer… The… »

Stockholm syndrome

“They weren’t bad people. They let me eat, they let me sleep, they gave me life”, said one hostage of flight 847 when liberated, abstracting the terrible drama he survived. Should this be the summary of our rights, potentials and dreams?… Stockholm syndrome – (pdf)


A desperate man does not seek a culprit in the system, an institution, atmosphere or ideology, but in another man with a name and surname whom he can face alone with all his (mis)deeds. And this is why the limits are important, and the justification of crossing them is a call for continuing the spiral… »

Mythical and European times

Mythical times are over. European times ahead of us are clear, demanding and they evidently request tangible signs of success instead of rhetorical flourishes… Mythical and European times – (pdf)

Supernumeraries and champions

The success of water polo players belongs to them alone, and to their coaches, families, and that handful of truly dedicated supporters. The failure to find people in public institutions who will do their jobs and create champions is an indicator of a systemic problem, the lack of vision on the part of the “stars”… »