Too heavy comment killed me

If we reflect on the online media space of Montenegro, then we are without a doubt in a dark period. While in the comments we count each other’s teeth and kilograms, assess someone’s aesthetic characteristics, judge before the court, slander and insult just because we do not agree with someone’s position, then I am afraid… »

Grenades and apples

By: Miloš Vukanović Analyzing all the movements that led to the necessary change of government at the 2020 elections, one narrative that was peripheral at the time, but involved enough to exert a slight influence on the electorate, became increasingly noticeable. Given that the elections were decided by the difference of only tens of thousands… »

Trampled word

In the beginning was a Word… Everything through became… In it was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. And the light was seen in the darkness… These excerpts from the first chapter of the Gospel according to John should be a reminder to both believers and unbelievers of the power of… »

Sealed damage

Russia’s aggression on Ukraine changed the bloodstream of international relations. However, there is an impression that there is a lack of that understanding in some parts of the Western Balkans, including Montenegro, which is particularly dangerous given how vulnerable the region is to malignant external influences, and thus a suitable ground for destabilization. Is there… »

Technical mandate – the limited jurisdiction of the Government

Montenegro is part of a European parliamentary democracy based on a tripartite division of legislative, executive and judicial power. These three powers act independently within their competences, but are also limited by mutual control. It should be kept in mind that since a long time ago Montesquieu said that in law none can be limited… »

Education – foundation for progressive Montenegro

Nowadays, education represents a key area for the advancement of democratic states. The extent of responsibility of decision-makers towards the state and the public interest is also the position towards education. The fact that it is now one of the four departments in the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports, with accompanying personnel controversies… »

What kind of Montenegro do we need?

We are celebrating fifteen years since the renewal of independence without consensus on what kind of Montenegro we need. Society is deeply and tensions spark almost daily, in some form. This is accompanied by the burden brought by the health and economic crisis, which even more developed societies and more responsible political structures have a… »

Genocide for beginners

War crimes, aggression and crimes against humanity are terms of the international law by which we define most serious human rights violations and which as such remain engraved in the collective memory. However, none of these terms attract so much attention as the word genocide. No matter how many times this term is repeated, it… »

Pride and Shame

On Wednesday 24 July 2013, in Budva, a SeaSide Pride was held, the first pride parade in Montenegro, organized by the NGO LGBT Forum Progress. Although announced on short notice, in the middle of the tourist season and in a city that is considered to be the capital of Montenegrin tourism, recently been present in… »