Is there any champaign for the citizens

These elections did bring an important democratic step forward, most of all in the awareness of our citizens who more than ever before, although still too timidly, acted on their conscience… Is there any champaign for the citizens – (pdf)

Barbarians of our times

This is also an attack on the constitutional foundations of Montenegro as a democratic state, which ought to protect the rights of its citizens, and be efficient in sanctioning those who violate their basic rights and spread hatred and violence… Barbarians of our times – (pdf)

Elections in Montenegrin way

The Government will fall when everyone in Montenegro understands that regardless of the number of lists the opposition runs on they are all united in the purpose of deposing this government, and that the political condition for this is unlimited… Elections in Montenegrin way – (pdf)

Occupy Montenegro

How many occupation circles exist in Montenegro today? How many “occupiers” do we need to dislodge in order to become a free society? To what extent can we help ourselves, as individuals or as social actors, and to what extent can we rely on negotiations with EU to help us?… Occupy Montenegro – (pdf)

At the crossroads of decisions

Montenegro needs better government, but also a better alternative offer – a civil society with active citizens, not absent-minded followers of obsolete political ideas and strategies, without much genuine interest in political issues… At the crossroads of decisions – (pdf)

Power over institutions

I have absolute political power. I will capture the institutions, and they’ll never be able to hold me accountable for any phase of my government”. This is no quote from Machiavelli’s “Prince”. It is the unwritten rule of governing in the Balkans, and we are all its victims. We should finally start changing them so… »

Citizen can change the system

We’ll know that the real reforms and institution-building have began when we see a wave of insider testimonies from these same institutions, because it will mean that the employees trust the state of Montenegro, are willing to change certain things, put the public interest above their superiors, and that Montenegrin institutions are capable of leading… »

Crisis of ideas

Judging by the consequences of the numerous crises we live through, we could say there are not enough actors offering solutions. This suggests that the biggest crisis is the crisis of ideas… Crisis of ideas – (pdf)


The beginning of accession talks is the turning point in the development of a mature political culture in a country where clientelism and authority always had the upper hand over democratic principles and procedures… Negotiations – (pdf)

Among the masks

After 2011, which won us the freedom to talk about anyone and anything without worrying too much about evidence, the biggest progress in 2012 would be sort out who represents whom, what personal and political ambitions lie behind it, what means lie at their disposal, and who finances the whole thing… Among the masks –… »