I’ll admit it, at his age I believed that the world is mine and that there are no limits. Surviving remnants of that conviction still make me get up every morning… Scars – (pdf)

Seven European Commands

It is hard to break the strong conformist chains, which lock up a significant number of people living here. Yet, breaking these chains is necessary and it has a healing effect. The question of whether this government can meet the seven conditions is a major one. If they could, and if they had the willingness… »

Parade of irresponsibility

On the positive side, the discussion of LGBT rights left the boundaries of our programmes of alternative education and lecture holes where it largely preached to the converted and entered the public sphere. On the negative side, there is still no sign of institutional, political and professional accountability of those who are publicly promoting lies,… »

Sky over Berlin and sky above us

The only question is what we will do with this so that one day we could also say that we are citizens-kings, and not mere subjects in our own state… Sky over Berlin and sky above us – (pdf)

Crime Scene

What are the film schools producing? What is the taxpayers’ money spent on? Where are the film-makers in our society, and where is the society in their movies?… Crime Scene – (pdf)

Dialogue for Europe

There’s 150 years separating us from this book and its message. This goes to prove that we’re indeed sharing the same space with Europe, but not the same time… Dialogue for Europe – (pdf)

Conscience on sedatives

The beginning of change will come when everybody leaves their own shadow, shakes off the humbleness and purges self-deception, when we face the populist ideology and wake up as individuals ready for concrete action and a life worthy of a human being. What are the clamps that keep you from going, not waiting for others,… »

Fast Forward

What is it in our air that breeds such resignation and sense of impotence? What is it that makes some fantastic people in this country to speak these self-limiting words? What is it that makes us think that we should give up, pack and leave? Why are we not celebrating the genuine, small successes like… »

For Ourselves

As long as some of the citizens of this country feel like second-rate citizens, the state itself cannot be stable. And the government which cannot ensure equality before the law ought to be replaced… For Ourselves – (pdf)

Questionnaire: Unnecessary Mystery

Instead of wasting our time on false mysteries, we should stand up for those questions which are of key importance for genuine democratisation and Europeanisation of our society and which this Government is doing everything to minimise, relativise and cover up. With a good reason too, for should these questions finally take the centre stage,… »