The Commission says-BUT

Brussels’ newspeak has no phrase for “emperor is naked”, but rather relies on a construction which translates to our language as “That’s nice, BUT…”. Which is why this report is generally positive, as it leaves us with a foggy promise that we won’t be staying alone in the house with bullies for much longer… The… »

Stockholm syndrome

“They weren’t bad people. They let me eat, they let me sleep, they gave me life”, said one hostage of flight 847 when liberated, abstracting the terrible drama he survived. Should this be the summary of our rights, potentials and dreams?… Stockholm syndrome – (pdf)


A desperate man does not seek a culprit in the system, an institution, atmosphere or ideology, but in another man with a name and surname whom he can face alone with all his (mis)deeds. And this is why the limits are important, and the justification of crossing them is a call for continuing the spiral… »

Mythical and European times

Mythical times are over. European times ahead of us are clear, demanding and they evidently request tangible signs of success instead of rhetorical flourishes… Mythical and European times – (pdf)

Supernumeraries and champions

The success of water polo players belongs to them alone, and to their coaches, families, and that handful of truly dedicated supporters. The failure to find people in public institutions who will do their jobs and create champions is an indicator of a systemic problem, the lack of vision on the part of the “stars”… »

Not to oblivion

The common message of these people of different nationalities and different life paths, but with major life tragedies can be summarised as follows: forgive, but never forget… Not to oblivion – (pdf)

After Tito, a tito?

For the beginning, every one of us should first decide what kind of life we want: as subjects or as citizens – a life in which we will talk fearfully about all deviations our society is rife with, waiting for somebody else to “do the job” for us, or a life in which we will… »

When are those with titles afraid of knowledge

If you grease the palms, you will slip. If you look for shortcuts, you will lose your way. If you cheat, you will be outsmarted. If you think you can buy everything, than nothing will seem worth to you. If you do not have honour, all education is in vain. If you don’t have the… »

Eyes wide shut or wide open

The choice of and responsibility for the way in which we continue – with eyes wide shut or wide open – is up to each one of us individually. Let us each decide how to use this great power according to our own conscience… Eyes wide shut or wide open – (pdf)

Dangerous word

Although apparently innocent, the cancellation of a debate competition for high-school students is a symbolic and illustrative example of how the spirit of youth, which promises that everything is possible if you take action and try hard, is subject to systematic dilutions and mortifications in this country… Dangerous word – (pdf)