Transparency Index of Montenegrin Municipalities

Out of total of 100 possible points, according to the indicators of the research conducted by the Centre for Civic Education (CCE), the average mark of transparency of Montenegrin municipalities for 2019 is 40.76 points. The two most transparent municipalities – Podgorica and Bijelo Polje – have a bit less than three-fifths of the possible… »

The heritage of unresolved past is burdening modern Montenegro

Centre for Civic Education (CCE), within the framework of the project Through Transitional Justice to Multiculturalism, presented findings of the public opinion survey on attitudes concerning wide range of transitional justice issues in Montenegro. The data reveal that citizens are aware of the 1990s wars but that they are not willing to speak specifically about… »

Affirmation of alternative sanctions is necesarry

The system of alternative sanctions and probation measures is still a novelty for most of our citizens, which is also reflected in their knowledge, hence almost two-thirds of citizens state that they do not know what alternative sanctions and probation measures are, as indicated by data from the public opinion survey on alternative sanctions and… »

(Non)transparency of judiciary affects (dis)trust of citizens

Public opinion when it comes to trust in the current judiciary system of Montenegro is divided, but slightly higher number of respondents states that has no trust in the judiciary, as indicated by data from the public opinion survey on transparency of judicary in Montenegro which the Centre for Civic Education (CCE) presented today. ’Those… »

Increased perception of political discrimination

Citizens believe that poor people, Roma, homeless, persons with disabilities and political dissidents are to the largest extent exposed to discrimination, as the findings of the public opinion research about discrimination, which Centre for Civic Education (CCE) has presented today, indicated. ‘In overall, citizens are familiar with concept of discrimination, but there is plenty of space… »

Attitudes about LGBT persons changing in positive direction

Today, the Centre for Civic Education (CCE) presented findings of the survey of public opinion about LGBT persons, within the project “NO to discrimination – YES to diversity”. Tamara Milaš, CCE Programme Associate, opening the presentation stated that the findings of the research were pleasant surprise, adding ‘We assess that they reflect also the so far performance of civil… »