9 new projects supported through the M’BASE programme

‘Through five calls for support to civil sector projects, we have seen that non-governmental organizations in Montenegro have the capacity, good ideas, quality staff and represent important actors on the path to European integration,‘ as it was emphasized today during the ceremony of signing nine new contracts with CSOs with a total value of 180,444.00… »

22 NGOs in the letter submitted to the Supreme State Prosecutor again appeal for the suspension of misdemeanor proceedings against historian Boban Batrićević

Today, 22 non-governmental organizations appealed to the Supreme State Prosecutor (SSP), Milorad Marković, to stand up for freedom of expression and to order the suspension of misdemeanour proceedings initiated by state prosecutor Snežana Šišević against Boban Batrićević, author of the column “Chatter to Metodology and Djaonikije” published on the Antena M portal. NGOs warn that… »

Youth from south of Montenegro learned about youth activism

Education encourages youth activism, and that segment is significantly lacking in the formal education system, making informal programmes by non-governmental organizations invaluable for fostering youth networking and their engagement in the community. This was, among other, concluded at the Youth Activism School for high school students from the Southern region of Montenegro, organized by the… »

With street names responsible towards victims of war crimes

Non-governmental organizations ANIMA Center for Women’s and Peace Education, Human Rights Action (HRA), and the Centre for Civic Education (CCE) express their protest against the proposal of councillors of Democrats, Mitar Vuković and Vladimir Čađenović, to name one of the streets in Podgorica after Pavle Bulatović, the Minister of Internal Affairs and Defense during the… »

Through exhange of regional experiences towards strengthening the concept of gender equality

Representatives of five non-governmental organizations from Montenegro focusing on gender equality have completed a study visit to Belgrade today, which lasted from 11 to 14 February. The projects of these organizations are supported through the programme “CSOs in Montenegro – from basic services to policy shaping – M’BASE“, implemented by the Centre for Civic Education… »

Educating youth for an intercultural society

With the awarding of diplomas to 25 high school students from different parts of Montenegro, the five-day Intercultural Camp ended today. It was organized by the Centre for Civic Education (CCE) from 7 to 11 February in Berane, as part of the project “Embrace Diversity, Empower Minds”, supported by the Embassy of Canada through the… »

Multiculturalism and interculturalism are the basis of the development of educational policies of social science subjects

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) organized today a training for 23 teachers of social science subjects on modern methods of teaching multiculturalism and interculturalism with the aim of empowering teachers in accepting and promoting diversity, human rights and building intercultural competences among students. The training was conducted within the project “Embrace Diversity, Empower Minds”, which… »

Positive perception of NGOs is growing despite negative campaigns and narrowed space for criticism of authorities by NGOs

Non-governmental organizations generate a positive perception among the citizens of Montenegro, along with an increase in their expectation to be critical towards the authorities. Negative campaigns led by politicians against critically oriented NGOs also result in a perception of a narrowed space for the free operation of NGOs. Civic activism is on the decline, accompanied… »