MPs and Interns must perform much better

In the first half year of the Parliament’s work, a significant disparity in the engagement of MPs and the amount of their earnings is recorded, especially among those who have not spoken in the plenary, as well as the increase in official travel expenses; the President of the Parliament, for now, has shown a more… »

Reaction of the ‘Equality’ coalition to rtcg reporting on the law on legal gender recognition based on self-determination

The coalition of non-governmental organizations “Equality” expresses concern over the uncritical and unbalanced reporting by the public broadcaster RTCG on the Law on Legal gender recognition based on self-determination, whereby the RTCG violates Article 9 of the Law on Public Broadcasting services of Montenegro, which guarantees respect for professional standards. Inter alia, these standards include:… »

23 NGOs wrote to Aleksa Bečić: Democrats to withdraw the proposal to name a street in Podgorica after Pavle Bulatović

On Friday, 15 March 2024, 23 non-governmental organizations sent an appeal to the president of Democratic Montenegro (Democrats), Aleksa Bečić, to influence the councillors of that party in the Assembly of the Capital City to withdraw the proposal to name a street in Podgorica after Pavle Bulatović, the minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic… »

Youth initiatives for changes in the community

Centre for Civic Education (CGE) gathered representatives of institutions and young people today who had the opportunity to present their initiatives developed during the recently held Youth Activism Schools in the central, southern and northern regions of Montenegro, within the “Youth for the Youth!” project, implemented by CCE with the support of the U.S. Embassy… »

Protest of 15 NGOs: Proposed amendments to the Criminal Code once again do not strengthen human rights protection in Montenegro

We protest because the recently published Draft Law on Amendments to the Criminal Code of Montenegro again does not contain changes important for the protection of human rights. This is the second time in three months that the Ministry of Justice ignores recommendations of the Committee against Torture (CAT), the Committee on the Rights of… »

Balance between freedom of expression and protection of other values in a democratic society should be established

Defining a clear boundary between freedom of expression and situations where its limitation is necessary represents a particular challenge for today’s society, where hate speech is becoming increasingly prevalent. This was assessed at the second panel of the discussion forum “Democracy in Focus – the Relationship between Government and Civil Society“, organized by the Centre… »

Campaigns against the NGO sector jeopardize the development of civil society

Campaigns conducted in recent years against critically oriented non-governmental organizations seriously endanger the development of civil society, assessed executive director of the Centre for Civic Education (CCE), Daliborka Uljarević. Speaking at the discussion forum “Democracy in Focus – the Relationship between Government and Civil Society,” organized by the CCE, within the project “NGOs in Montenegro… »