Fake News – Enemies of Democracy

Media that gravitate between reality shows and propaganda are the key heralds of fake news. Although in basis these aim to discredit those who are critically oriented towards holders of powers and decision makers, the whole society suffers consequences and is in such manner being long-lastingly contaminated and democratically eroded’, assessed Executive Director of the Centre for Civic Education (CCE), Daliborka Uljarevic.

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Murder of Dusko Jovanovic even after 14 years still unresolved

Murder of CeO and Editor-in-Chief of daily ‘Dan’ Dusko Jovanovic even after 14 years was not entirely resolved. This crime remains also as warning of the extent of capture of state institutions by political influence which limits their professional and responsible work in the public interest. 

Unfortunately, journalists are even in 2018 targets of brutal attacks, and state organs do not show commitment to ensure protection of journalists and to secure conditions for development of media freedom, especially in part of those media which have critical relation towards decision makers.

It is unacceptable and devastating that even after 14 years we do not know who ordered the murder of Dusko Jovanovic, and who and in which manner has participated in this crime, but there is also no responsibility for inefficient conduct of investigation. The best confirmation that this case has never adequately been processed is also a fact that direct perpetrators remained unidentified after so many years and that they still are at large. »

NGOs marked 26 years since unpunished war crime of deportation of Bosnia-Herzegovinian refugees

Twenty-six years since the war crime of deportation of Bosnia-Herzegovinian refugees was marked via memorial gathering in front of Police Station of Herceg Novi, still without criminal justice for victims, without monument, without a remembrance day or the apology of police for unlawful arrest of civilians and their extradition in a manner of hostages to army of Bosnian Serbs in May 1992. Of at least 66, and according to some assessment even more than 80 deported civilians, mostly Muslims, from the collection centre in Herceg Novi, only 12 survived.

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Reduced space for evasion of responsibility in the negotiation with the EU process

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) commends the decision of Government of Montenegro which changed the negotiation framework and established European Integration Office within the Cabinet of Prime Minister of Montenegro with Chief Negotiator in the status of ambassador as its Head. This model, that CCE too has proposed heretofore pointing out to systemic mismatch of Ministry of European Affairs, may be more efficient, more encouraging and substantially supporting for negotiation structure from the highest political level. Considering that in many areas, as key cause of lack of track record, political will is being identified, this significantly reduces space for further manoeuvres and evasion of responsibility.

For six years of accession negotiations, Montenegro has demonstrated low level of strategic thinking, wandering around in establishing the most adequate negotiation model that will provide an inclusive and transparent framework, but also the necessary meaningful and not formal cooperation and inter-sectoral coordination of all authorised organs and other stakeholders. These are preconditions, with the expressed and proven political will, for fulfilling benchmarks set by the European Commission. »

Marking of 26 years since crime ‘Deportation of refugees’

26 years from a crime committed against refugees from Bosnia and Herzegovina in Montenegro, known as ‘Deportation of refugees’ came to pass this May.

On Friday, 25 May, in the noon, in front of Police Station of Herceg Novi, wherefrom the majority of victims have been deported to their deaths on 25 and 27 May 1992, non-governmental organisations Human Rights Actions (HRA), Centre for Civic Education (CCE) and Centre for Women’s and Peace Education ANIMA are organising memorial gathering. On this occasion, we will lay flowers and pay respect to the perished victims.

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