University of Montenegro ought to be an example of transparent work

In the framework of the project Corruption in Education, supported by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, Centre for Civic Education (CCE) requested from the University of Montenegro copies of contracts between the faculties and third persons, whose value exceeds 10 000 €, as well as copies of contracts between the University and third persons whose value exceeds 100 000 €, for the period between the day the Law on Higher Education came into force and 27.11.2008…

University of Montenegro ought to be an example of transparent work – (pdf)

Dangerous word

Although apparently innocent, the cancellation of a debate competition for high-school students is a symbolic and illustrative example of how the spirit of youth, which promises that everything is possible if you take action and try hard, is subject to systematic dilutions and mortifications in this country…

Dangerous word – (pdf)

Advertisement for participants of XIII generation of Democracy School

CCE and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung publicise AN ADVERTISEMENT for participants of XIII generation of


School comprises 5 modules lasting totally four months. The courses will be held once or twice a week for 2 hours. All expenses are covered by the foundation Friedrich Ebert and Centre for Civic Education, with obligation of the participants to attend not less than 80% of the programme.

Upon finishing of the School the participants shall receive a certificate and be eligible for further educational development. »

CCE announces the urgent call for 17 new associates

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) wants to share its vision of Montenegro as democratic society of responsible citizens with you!

If you are young, knowledgeable, skilled, daring,
You should be actors, by no means passive observers!
Join us in changing and improving the environment that we live in,
Join us in creating a society of equal opportunities!

CCE announces the urgent call for 17 new associates:

  • 6 associates in the Democracy programme (sub-programmes: Media and Democracy, Responsibility and Transparency of Authorities, Political memory, Corruption in education)
  • 4 associates in the European Integration programme (sub-programmes: European Pulse, Montenegro on the way to the EU)
  • 3 associates in the Human and Minority Rights programme (sub-programmes: Transitional justice, Public Advocacy)
  • 3 associates in the Active citizenship programme(sub-programmes: Corruption in education, Citizens matter)
  • 1 associate charged with web design and updating of the CCE web site

Requirements: university degree (not mandatory for all positions), active knowledge of the English language (not mandatory for all positions), computer literacy, ability of both independent and team work, capability of working under pressure and tight deadlines, accuracy, punctuality, precision, sense of responsibility and initiative, dynamic approach and dedication to work.

Advantage will be given to candidates experienced in social activism. All accepted associates will undergo a one month probationary period prior to the start of their contract.

Applications with CVs should be sent to by 5 pm on 10 February. Shortlisted candidates will be called for an interview. More information on CCE could be found at