Memorial Initiative for victims of 1992 deportation war crime

NGOs Human Rights Action (HRA), Center for Civic Education (CCE) and Center for Women and Peace Education (ANIMA) submitted today to the Prime Minister and ministers of internal affairs and culture, as well as the President of the City Administration of Herceg Novi, the initiative for raising a memorial to the victims of 1992 war crime deportation of refugees in Herceg-Novi, hence supporting also the wish of the families of deported victims.

In May and June 1992, at least 66 Bosnian Muslim civilians were illegally arrested on the territory of Montenegro and handed over to their enemies, Bosnian Serbs, in the war-torn Bosnia and Herzegovina. Only 12 of them managed to survive torture in concentration camps. The refugees deprived of their liberty were, as a rule, brought to the Police (Security Center) in Herceg Novi, which served as a gathering centre, wherefrom on 25 May one group was transported by bus to a concentration camp in Foča, and another bus on 27 May to an unknown location in eastern Bosnia, where most of them were killed. The place where the victims deported from Herceg Novi on 27 May 1992 were killed remains unknown as well as the remains of most victims.

In 2011, HRA, CGO, ANIMA and former President of the Council for Civilian Control of Police Aleksandar Saša Zeković, filed three initiatives for establishing a Day of Remembrance for the victims of the crime of deportation of refugees, for a memorial to the victims and for an apology of the Montenegrin police for abuse of police powers during the deportation of refugees, but, unfortunately, to date not one initiative has been accepted. »

The Government ignores communication with NGOs

Coalition Cooperation to the Goal, which consists of 100 NGOs, has sent a letter to the Prime Minister more than a month ago with the call upon the Ministry of Finance and the Government of Montenegro to fulfil their legal obligations and to adopt the Regulation on co-financing of EU projects for domestic non-governmental organisations. After more than a month, the Coalition did not receive any feedback, which confirms the negative attitude of the Government towards the NGO, which is culminating in the current year. Apart from not fulfilling legal obligations with regard to NGOs and making it difficult for a large number of organizations to perform their work, the Government, by ignoring completely the requests and letters, also openly shows the intolerance towards the non-governmental sector.

The draft of this Regulation was a subject of a public discussion even in July 2017, and after more than a year it is clear that there is not even one reason, except for obvious political reason, that its adoption is being postponed thus much.

All projects supported in calls for NGOs by the EU in Montenegro, and for which co-financing is required, relate to resolving key issues in the field of the rule of law and human rights in Montenegro, which are, at least declarative, the Government’s priorities. If this was the case, the Government would timely adopt the Regulation on co-financing and allow unhindered implementation of NGO projects. Obviously, the rule of law and human rights for the Government are a priority only if the public administration is dealing with them. Avoiding the adoption of the Regulation directly points out to an attempt to exclude any other actor, and in particular NGOs, that deal with these issues. »

Families of missing persons have the right to know the truth

The Association of Families of Missing, Kidnapped and Murdered Persons „Crveni božur“ and the Centre for Civic Education (CCE) organized a press conference on the occasion of marking 30 August – International Day of the Disappeared.

Tamara Milaš, CCE programme associate and spokesperson of the Coalition for RECOM in Montenegro, once again reminded that „in Montenegro, there are still 57 missing persons, which is a significant number for the country of this size. In the past few years, that number has slightly decreased, but it has remained the same as the last year. That indicates that we still do not have effective efforts of the authorities in direction of discovering the fate of missing persons”. She presented data collected by organizations of the Coalition for RECOM in the region, in cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross. “Total of 10,281 persons are missing on the territories of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo. In 1,408 cases persons are proven as dead, but their remains haven’t been found, while the destiny of 8,873 persons is completely unknown. In Bosnia and Herzegovina 6,606 persons are missing, in Croatia 2,027 while in Kosovo 1,148 persons”, she emphasized.

CGO - Međunarodni dan nestalih »

Coalition for RECOM: the information about the mass grave in the village of Medevce, in the municipality of Medvedja, should be verified

On the occasion of the International Day of Missing Persons, the Coalition for RECOM invites the competent authorities of the Republic of Serbia to determine the accuracy of the information about the existence of a mass grave in the village of Medevce, 30 metres from the Leskovac–Prishtina road, 1.5 km from the Mutivode border crossing point, in the   security zone towards Kosovo, about 300 metres away from KFOR units.

According to the received information, with the message that it relates to a “contribution to solving the fate of the missing,” at that location, during the construction works of a facility for police use, in September 2001, a military trencher dug out and broke four bodies which had been buried in an unmarked spot next to the Leskovac–Prishtina road. A white Nike sneaker was on the foot of one broken leg; also found were red children’s boots, a pair of jeans, rubber gloves, and a piece of soft fabric. The civilian police, stationed in containers in the direction of an old house near the road, stopped any further excavation. One police officer used the trencher to cover the body parts and other items of clothing with soil, and levelled the ground. Within 40 minutes, a black Mercedes arrived at the location of the mass grave carrying General Vladimir Lazarević, accompanied by Stojan Konjikovac, Chief of Staff of the 549th Motorised Brigade, and they were followed by two jeeps with soldiers in black uniforms and Dr. Martens-type black boots. »

Call for internship at Centre for Civic Education (CCE)

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) announces call for VII generation of interns. Programme of internship lasts for three months, from 24 September to 24 December 2018, with a possibility of extending cooperation on various grounds.

We invite you to apply for following programmes:

Democratization and Europeization – 1 position
Human Rights – 1 position
Active Citizenship – 1 position


  • Acquire experience that will help them in choosing a future occupation;
  • Become acquainted with the concept of project management and methodology of work in NGO sector;
  • Be a part of organization of conferences, seminars, workshops, panels, Fast Forward Human Rights Film Festival and other events in the area of democracy, European integration, human rights and active citizenship;
  • Establish contacts with representatives of institutions, domestic and international organizations, as well as decision makers from area they opt for;
  • Learn about the concept of teamwork;
  • Wish to help in implementation of initiatives for the welfare of community that we all live in.

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