Youth activism is to be learnt

Young people in Montenegro deserve to be included within those who are asked for an opinion, both in areas of immediate interest and in all related important social issues. Despite the desire for professional and personal training abroad, young people are linked to Montenegro but must receive more support, as concluded at the conference “Youth in Montenegro between passivity and activism”, which was organized today by the Centre for Civic Education (CCE) with the support of the Ministry of Sports and Youth.

Omladinski aktivizam se uči »

To open the dialogue as soon as possible

We are, with concern, following up the latest events in Budva, which have their roots in the ongoing and deepening divisions within Montenegrin society, accompanied by the feeling of injustice, but also the willingness of the authorities to choose any means necessary to shape the electoral will of citizens, including widespread abuse of power and institutions.

Instead of being open to dialogue and compromise, the government threatens, encourages tensions, provokes reactions and revolt of the citizens of this municipality, but also of wider stakeholders. The selective law enforcement demonstrated by the authorities cannot be covered by the constant repetition of theses on the jeopardy of the state, destabilization, and coup d’ état from the right and left fronts. There is a growing impression that the government is the most interested in presenting itself as the exclusive guarantor of peace and stability, both in the country and in international circles, by causing chaos and instability. »

The majority will not be at a loss if the fundamental rights of LGBTIQ persons are provided

Competent institutions and decision-makers should demonstrate the degree of sensibility we witnessed at today’s conference and enable the creation of a climate of full acceptance of LGBTIQ persons in Montenegro, and especially when it comes to harmonizing legislative and institutional dimension of protection of LGBTI rights so that sanctioning human rights violations of LGBTIQ persons would no longer depend on the institutional courage of competent actors but exclusively on facts and legally prescribed protection mechanisms, as it was concluded today at the final conference ‘LGBTI rights beyond 4 walls – EQUALITY for all’.

Neće većina biti na gubitku ako se obezbijede osnovna prava LGBTIQ osobama »