New director of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption should be elected in transparent and effective procedure

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) submitted, yesterday, for the second time, to the Council of the Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (APC) a request for providing transparency of the 17th session of the Council of the APC scheduled for Monday, 30/03/2020, as well as for the efficiency in deciding on the election of a new director.

The CCE had previously submitted the same request to the Council for the session that was supposed to be held on 24 March 2020, but it was postponed. According to the available information, even then this request was not taken into consideration.

The CCE assesses that the Council of APC has the option of providing a live video and audio streaming of the session on Internet and thus to ensure the transparency of its work, using numerous and easily accessible means of modern technology, and all within the measures prescribed by the National Coordinating Body for Infectious Diseases due to the situation caused by the Covid-19 epidemic. »

Remove web application and prosecute its developers

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) yesterday sent individual initiatives to the Supreme State Prosecutor’s Office, the Police administration, the Agency for Personal Data Protection and Free Access to Information and the Ombudsman to take ex officio all prescribed actions and measures in order to prevent further use of illegal web application This application is designed to generate personal data of Montenegrin citizens whose identities (names, surnames and addresses) are published on the website of the Government of Montenegro, and who have been issued mandatory 14-day self-isolation decisions due to COVID-19.

 Ukloniti web aplikaciju i procesuirati njene kreatore »

Victims, their families and families of disappeared have the right to truth

Centre for Civic Education (CCE), on the occasion of 24 March – the International Day for the Right to the Truth concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and for the Dignity of Victims, points out the significance of responsible and systematic approach by decision-makers, judicial authorities and educational institutions towards civilizational obligation of determining facts about the war crimes committed during the 90s, track record in processing the war crimes and discovering destinies of the disappeared.  

medjunarodni-dan-prava-na-istinu-u-vezi-teskih-krsenja-ljudskih-prava-2020 »

Decisions concerning non-governmental sector should be made in broad consultation with civil society organizations

Coalition of NGOs Cooperation to the Goal today sent the letter to the Prime Minister Markovic regarding the initiative of one NGO on change of purpose of funds allocated to the NGO sector in 2020.


Dear Mr Markovic,

I am addressing you on behalf of the Coalition of NGOs Cooperation to the Goal regarding the initiative of one non-governmental organization that the Government ‘urgently pass a decision to dominantly re-allocate funds earmarked for the NGO sector, through calls of ministries for activities that can help eliminate the consequences of possible COVID19 epidemic, for the procurement of necessary medical equipment, return of citizens of Montenegro, as well as for NGO projects aimed at combating the consequences of the virus epidemic’. Hence, we urge that any Government decision regarding non-governmental sector should be made exclusively in the broad consultations with civil society organizations, which, if necessary, may be held under these new circumstances as well. »

State authorities should do their job, while together we need to strengthen accountability and solidarity without violating fundamental Human Rights

The Government of Montenegro must establish overall discipline of all citizens and protect them from potential exposure to coronavirus infection by taking all available measures of intensified surveillance. This implies prosecution of persons who have anyhow breached the orders of the sanitary inspection on the imposed self-isolation measures. The publication of the list of those under the measures self-isolation is contrary to the Constitution and all international standards. Moreover, in a situation of heightened fear and panic of citizens this opens up a space for the situation to be dangerously out of control. »