Culture of memory to be in the focus of the new ruling majority

The Centre for Civic Education (CCE) uses the opportunity to pay tribute to all the victims and detainees in the Mamula camp during World War II, among whom was the majority population from the Bay of Kotor. At the same time, we use the opportunity to invite future government officials to revise the contract with the investor who is now building a hotel and tourist facility on Mamula and to establish the Mamula Memorial Centre, as a permanent commemoration of the victims, but also a reminder to all future generations about the crime that happened there.

Kultura sjećanja da bude u fokusu nove vladajuće većine »

Agency for Personal Data Protection and Free Access to Information must be liable for the series of illegal decisions

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) received the minutes of the supervision of a natural person, who is the creator of the application The minutes represent the long-awaited response of the Agency for Personal Data Protection and Free Access to Information to the initiative submitted by the CCE to the Council of the Agency in March 2020, which referred to determining the legality of personal data processing on that web page.

The CCE expresses concern about how the whole procedure about this issue has been conducted by the Agency. Primarily because the Agency for Personal Data Protection and Free Access to Information first determined the legality of an application that was not in question, and then because of the chronology of actions. This raises the question of liability due to failure to comply with deadlines for conducting supervision, but also the capacity of the institution that does not know who is its subject of supervision. The question is whether the Agency would ever have conducted the supervision, if the CCE had not addressed the Protector of Human Rights and Freedoms, who, acting on the CCE’s initiative, required them to submit a report on actions and measures in this particular case. »

Senate of SAI is deciding about audit of financial management of SEC

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) received a notification from the senator, dr Branislav Radulović, that he will recommend to the Senate to include the financial management of the State Election Commission (SEC) during 2020 within the auditing plan for 2021.

The CCE has indicated multiple times to the improper financial management in SEC, starting from how the reimbursements were calculated and distributed, as well as daily allowances for business travels, and reimbursements for the usage of the private cars for official purposes, all the way up to the Decision on determining remuneration for work in the State Election Commission and the contracts of significant value that were not made under the existing law. Based on this collected evidence, the CCE had already submitted an Initiative to the SAI to give priority to the SEC’s financial operations during 2020 in its audit plan for 2021. Moreover, the CCE submitted today to the SAI the additional evidence related to one of the aspects of the controversial financial management of the SEC. »

APC in the age of the new parliamentary majority

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) received today 6 (six) decisions by which Jelena Perović, director of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption (APC), partially acted upon the CCE Initiative and determined that former DPS MPs Ana Nikolić, Momčilo Martinović, Danijel Živković, Filip Vuković, Željko Aprcović and Petar Smolović violated the Law on Prevention of Corruption by not reporting credible property records for 2017 to the APC.

On 14 May 2018, the CCE sent to the APC an Initiative requesting to determine the violation of the law on this basis for 25 MPs of then ruling coalition. This was followed by a number of urgencies, including the last one from 24 July 2020. The decisions made by Perović in the case of these six former DPS MPs are the only ones that were possible and legal. »