Local authorities must listen more carefully and responsibly to the voice of citizens

– Reaction of Coalition KUM to felling of cypresses in Bar –

The Coalition for Transparency and Fight against Corruption at the Local Level (KUM) assesses that the felling of cypresses in Bar represents an example of non-functionality of local democracy which should be based on direct approach and transparency. Unfortunately, institutes such as public discussions, consultative referendum, petitions, local community organisations, assembly of citizens, and similar, exist only as legal possibilities, but do not prevail in practice. Consequences can be seen also in this decision which is contrary to the expressed position of citizens of Bar.

It is concerning that local parliament in Bar has overpassed the appeal of citizens to prevent the urban violence. And the local level of government should precisely be the one to have the special sensibility for their needs and initiatives. It was shown also that the position of authorities is opposed even to current mechanisms for protection of rights and freedoms, since not even the decision of authorised court instance – Administrative Court, was not waited on.

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Government should work more on substantial improvement of journalist’s position

Centre for Civic Education (CCE), on the Day of Journalists of Montenegro, takes the opportunity to congratulate to all journalists in Montenegro who, despite the unfavourable environment for work and pressures they face, still contribute to the right of all citizens to be timely and objectively informed. At the same time, the CCE reminds that situation in the media sector in Montenegro is extremely concerning, and that precisely those journalists wishing to do their job professionally are placed in a rather unfavourable position.

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Young Leadership School – VII generation

Centre for Civic Education (CCE)
announces CALL for participants of VII generation

– school for studying leadership skills from theory to practice –

If you are a high-schooler wishing to develop your leadership skills, promote democratic values, expand and exchange experience with young people from Montenegro who are ready to take an active stance in resolving problems - Young Leadership School is your programme!

Objective of the Young Leadership School is to improve understanding of leadership amongst high-schoolers from the territory of Montenegro, strengthen their motivation and capacities to advocate for democratic values in their schools and local communities.

Young Leadership School, in an interactive manner, via intensive several-days-long course which encompasses lectures, workshops, forum-theatres, film screenings and visits to institutions, offers to the young people a possibility to learn about open society and social changes. We will address concepts of democracy, tolerance, human rights and freedoms, identity, authority, prejudice and stereotypes, gender equality, violence recognition, non-violent methods of overcoming conflicts, public relations, role of media, advocacy etc. by strengthening young people to be active participants of social life within their community.

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RECOM call for support to CSO projects

Centre for Civic Education (CCE/CGO), on behalf of project partners, within the project Regional CSO Activism for Regional Reconciliation in the Former Yugoslavia – in Support of RECOM, announces


You may submit your project proposals, which should contribute to strengthen prospects for reconciliation in the region by establishing the facts on war crimes, engaging civil society and the broader public in reconciliation and remembrance efforts and support to Initiative for RECOM. Your proposals should be submitted in English or local language, until 1 March 2019 and you will be notified on results of the competition approximately until 15 March 2019. Signing of the contract will be conducted upon the publication of the results. Project activities must be completed until 1 October 2019.

In order to apply for the call, it is necessary to fill Application form and Budget template. Before completing this form please read the detail instructions - Guidelines.

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