We must remember victims of the totalitarian regimes

On the occasion of the 23 August – the European Day of Remembrance for Victims of All Totalitarian and Authoritarian Regimes during the 20th Century, the Centre for Civic Education (CCE) uses the opportunity to pay respect to the victims of serious human rights violations in these regimes and to express the empathy with their families.

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23 years since the operation „Storm“ – crime without the punishment

On the occasion of 23 years from the Operation Storm, which lasted from 4 to 7 August 1995, the Centre for Civic Education (CCE) points to the importance of remembering the innocent victims of this crime. We urge the political leaders of the countries of the region to work more actively on development of sustainable regional cooperation. This includes establishing facts about war crimes and consequent prosecution, then incorporating them in educational programmes, cherishing culture of remembrance, respect and compassion with all victims, as committed crimes would not be forgotten, but also in order to make an impact so that they would never again be repeated.

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Custody as a rule and not an exemption produces damaging consequences

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) in the paper “Illegal deprivation of liberty – custody as a rule instead of being an exception” provides data series leading to the conclusion that it is necessary to, with increased precaution and profound assessment of circumstances, propose custody as a measure of ensuring the presence of the defendant in the proceeding, i.e. it is necessary to use more alternative measures. The practice of deprivation of liberty, which is a significant number of cases proves to be unfounded and hence produces multiple harmful consequences, is a matter of concern. »

The Law on Academic Integrity an important step forward, but it is necessary to prescribe the responsibility of mentors

The Centre for Civic Education (CCE) welcomes the fact that the Government of Montenegro adopted the Proposal of the Law on Academic Integrity. This is a unique legal text not only in the region but wider as well, and it represents a response to the practice that the CCE had pointed out for years advocating for more efficient legislative and institutional framework.

The Law introduces series of substantial provisions in whose drafting the CCE took part within membership in Working group, and we will continue to monitor its implementation.

However, we note with regret that the opportunity to adequately regulate important issue on the liability of mentor, when it comes to plagiarism, was missed. And exactly that would give to this law a stronger preventive character. »