CCE monitors media campaign for local elections in Podgorica

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) will conduct a qualitative and quantitative monitoring of media campaign for local elections that are to be held on 27 May, 2018 in Podgorica. Project ‘SPINoFACT 3 – Political advertising between spin and facts’ represents a continuation of homonymous projects SPINoFACT 1 (carried out during November and December 2017 for local elections in Mojkovac, Petnjica and Cetinje, which then supported the Embassy of Kingdom of Netherlands) and SPINoFACT 2 (carried out during March and April 2018 for presidential elections).

The monitoring will include period from the day upon expiration of deadline for submitting electoral lists, 2 May until 27 May 2018, and the research will involve confirmed electoral lists, its holders and candidates.

The research will encompass informative shows of televisions – RTCG 1, Vijesti, Pink M, Prva and A1 television; daily newspapers’ reporting – Vijesti, Dan, Pobjeda, Dnevne novine and Sloboda; as well as portals – Café del Montenegro (CdM), Analitika, Vijesti, RTCG, Antena M, FOSmedia i IN4S. »

MPs of rulling and opposition parties with MPs from Netherlands

Centre for Civic Education (CCE), in cooperation with Embassy of Kingdom of Netherlands, has organised today an informal meeting within the framework of European Café with MPs of Parliament of Montenegro, from various MP clubs, and members of Committee for European Affairs of House of Representatives of the Parliament of Kingdom of Netherlands.

CGO - Evropski kafe »

Authorities are responsible for erosion of media freedoms in Montenegro

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) congratulates 3 May  – World Press Freedom Day  – to all media and media workers in Montenegro. Unfortunately, there are no reasons for celebration this year as well. Still, this is an opportunity to point to complex position of media in Montenegro and to underline the importance of involvement of all actors in order to systematically start the recovery of the media scene.

CCE - World Press Freedom Day »

Ministry of education must not protect directors of schools who violate the law

Three weeks ago, Centre for Civic Education (CCE) submitted to Minister Sehovic Initiative for dismissal of director of Naval High School in Kotor due to abuse of official position and conscious violation of Articles 6 and 7 of General Law on Education. Despite the Urgency, there is no information to this day whether and with which outcome this initiative has been processed, and also neither for other directors of schools who have been abusing the official position for last two years which was determined also by Education Inspection.

As a reminder, director Veljko Botica has violated the law by permitting organisation and holding of pre-election gathering within political campaign prior to presidential elections scheduled for 15 April 2018 in sport hall of the School Centre in Dobrota in Kotor on 4 April 2018. CCE has enclosed evidences that premises of the school were used for party promotions, thus directly violating the Law. By aforementioned Initiative, CCE has requested for every director who allows abuse of school facilities for political purposes to be punished, regardless of which political party is holding gatherings in schools. CCE has after this Initiative, submitted also an Urgency for urgent conduct upon the same, but the authorised Ministry is still keeping silent. »