Montenegro has the capacity to affirm anti-fascism, still clear state policy and education system are needed

‘The primary social catalysts of an ambivalent attitude towards the Second World War, its effects, communist Yugoslavia, and consequently anti-fascism and anti-fascist heritage are within non-institutional and unscientific revisionism. Furthermore, there is an evident lack of clear and effective state policy in promoting anti-fascist heritage. This creates rather serious and worrying consequences that as we witness’, assessed Milos Vukanovic, advisor at the Centre for Civic Education (CCE), in his opening speech at the 49th meeting of the Committee on Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Parliament of Montenegro.

Montenegro has the capacity to affirm anti-fascism, still clear state policy and education system are needed »

Immediately eliminate quarantine and test all returnees

Human Rights Action (HRA) and Centre for Civic Education (CCE) call upon the NKT and the Minister of Health to immediately ensure the testing of all persons in quarantine and their release into home self-isolation until the test results are received.

Only such treatment will prevent further unjustified differentia (discrimination) against persons who also came to Montenegro from countries with increased levels of infection (more than 25 cases per 100,000), which were allowed to enter Montenegro by private yachts and planes, with tests not older than two days, or other special permits, without referrals to quarantine or self-isolation, as well as to those placed in self-isolation or released from quarantine before the expiry of the 14-days without waiting for the test results. We also pointed out this discrimination through the example of the systematic violation of the rights of Montenegrin seafarers, who currently represent majority of persons in quarantine. »

The Ministry of Education accepted the CCE’s initiative

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) received a positive response from the Ministry of Education concerning the Initiative for the improvement of teaching process related to the topic of anti-fascism and anti-fascist heritage to prevent the spread of non-institutional and anti-fascism unscientific disclaimer , sent last week.

The CCE emphasizes that is necessary thorough assessment of all challenges within the curricula and plans, teaching materials and methodology, in teaching about anti-fascism. Furthermore, the CCE stresses that their improvement is a key mechanism for confronting modern challenges that want to mark this legacy as dissonant, which is especially important in societies like Montenegrin. »