Human Rights Education

The National Training Human Rights Education organized by the Centre for Civic Education (CCE), was held in Podgorica from 19 to 22 April 2018, with the support of the Council of Europe – Department for Youth, within the framework of the Youth for Democracy programme.

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EC Report for Montenegro in regard to civil sector: Partial fulfilment of form, without substance

European Commission Report for Montenegro, in the part relating to civil society, has confirmed that there are formal preconditions for cooperation of government and NGO, but that alongside formal inclusion of NGO in various working bodies, conditions should be created for their substantial consultation. However, we assess that the document lacks some key findings which have marked the year behind us – foremost – increasingly intensive campaign against critically oriented NGOs and direct endangerment of their freedom of expression, and unprecedented illegal conduct of Parliament of Montenegro which stultified procedures for election of representatives of NGO to advisory bodies.

In simplest, EC has confirmed what we are speaking about for several years already, that Government is establishing formal preconditions for work of NGO, but that these laws, decisions and strategies are not being applied in continuity in the prescribed manner. »

Civic sector demands dismissal of the RTCG Council member Mimo Draskovic

Today, twenty-two nongovernmental organizations submitted to the Administrative Committee of the Parliament of Montenegro an Initiative for starting the procedure for determining the conflict of interest of Mimo Draskovic, member of the RTCG Council.

The initiative was submitted due to the public political acting of the member of the Council which should be a professional and depoliticized body. Namely, on 9 April 2018, Mimo Draskovic gave an active and open political support to the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party of Socialists Milo Djukanovic at the convention in Bijelo Polje.

The Administrative Board was requested to start the procedure before the Anti-Corruption Agency in order to determine the violation of norms of the Anti-Corruption Law, which apply to the prevention of the conflict of interest during the performance of the public function and to the limitations regarding the performance of the public function of Draskovic. »

Where are our students?

On the occasion of another Student Day – 4 April – the Centre for Civic Education (CCE) notes, with regret, that students remain one the most inactive social group in Montenegro, which does not use its potentials nor it responds to their own and social needs in direction of improvement of their position and democratic development of Montenegrin society.

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