Let’s put corruption in the museum

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) has organized performances, from 11 to 13 March 2020, in three Montenegrin municipalities, to point to the issue of corruption at the local level. In Pljevlja, Budva, and Podgorica, through artistic provocation, it was symbolically indicated to the problems of these cities with their common denominator – corruption.

The objective of this addressing of corruption through socially engaged art was to rise the interest of the widest structure of citizens through models, sound and pictures that pass by us every day, similarly as corruption passes by us and leaves everlasting damage, unlike art.  Citizens are those that must be active in the process of construction of an efficient and transparent system. To achieve the desired results in the fight against corruption, a synergy of the system is required from one side, and civil society and active citizens from the other side. »

The integrity of employees in local self-governments is of utmost importance for the prevention of corruption

Integrity of employees in local self-governments is of utmost importance for preventive action and fight against corruption, as the lack of integrity raises questions about the effectiveness of laws and by-laws. This was reported at the panel ’To what extent corruption is a problem at the local level and what has been done so far?” within the final national conference, ’Let’s put corruption into museum’, organized by the Centre for Civic Education (CCE).

Smjestimo korupciju u muzej - završna nacionalna konferencija »

The heritage of unresolved past is burdening modern Montenegro

Centre for Civic Education (CCE), within the framework of the project Through Transitional Justice to Multiculturalism, presented findings of the public opinion survey on attitudes concerning wide range of transitional justice issues in Montenegro. The data reveal that citizens are aware of the 1990s wars but that they are not willing to speak specifically about these events even after a quarter of century, which is a consequence of deficiencies of education system, lack of dialogue and inadequate dealing with controversial issues from our recent past.

Naslijeđe nerazjašnjene prošlosti je opterećenje savremene Crne Gore »