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Meeting with MPs of Parliament of Montenegro and members of Committee for European Affairs of House of Representatives of the Parliament of Kingdom of Netherlands, Podgorica, 08/05/2018

Foreign policy priorities of Montenegro, achievements and challenges, Podgorica, 23 November 2017, guest: Prof. PhD Srdjan Darmanovic

How much are young people in Montenegro united in diversity?, 04 October 2017, Podgorica, guests: Danijel Kalezić, Chairman of the Managing Board of Queer Montenegro, Valentina Minić, MP of Democratic Montenegro and Miloš Nikolić, MP of Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS)

European standards and Montenegro – whether conditionality yields the results?, 30. May 2017, Podgorica, guest: H.E Veselko Grubišić

Montenegro at the crossroad – where the country is heading and what can it benefit from Berlin process? , 16 May 2017, Podgorica, guest: H.E. Hans Günther Mattern

EU – 60 Years After the Treaty of Rome, 4 April 2016, Podgorica, guest: H.E. Roman Hloben, ambassador of Republic of Slovakia in Montenegr

Rule of law in Montenegro – the importance of establishment of the Special State Prosecution and track record in light of the EU accession negotiation, 12 September 2016, Podgorica, guest: Milivoje Katnic, Chief State Prosecutor

European Union and Western Balkans – yesterday, today and tomorrow?, 18 May 2016, Podgorica, guest: Jozo Rados, MEP and member of the Parliamentary Committee for Stabilisation and Association (PCSA)

Do European values live in Montenegro and how does the civic opposition advocate for them?, 12 April 2016, Podgorica, guests: Miodrag Lekic, President of DEMOS, Aleksa Bečić, President of Democrats of Montenegro and Dritan Abazović, Vice President of Civic Movement URA

Rule of Law in Montenegro – achievements and further challenges, 25 November 2015, Podgorica, guest: Zoran Pazin, Ministar of Justice in the Government of Montenegro

Three years from the opening of negotiations between Montenegro and the EU – a view from the EU, 19 October 2015, Podgorica, guest: H.E. Gudrun Steinacker, Ambassador of FR of Germany in Montenegro

Role and significance of non-governmental organisations in the process of negotiations of Montenegro with European Union – from the EU perspective, 7 April 2015, Podgorica, guest: H.E. Mitja Drobnic, Head of EU Delegation to Montenegro

Role and importance of civil society in the process of negotiation with EU, 19 January 2015, Podgorica, guest: Aleksandar Andrija Pejovic, State Secretary for European Integration and Chief Negotiator, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Government of Montenegro