Appeal of 70 non-governmental organisations

70 NGOs from entire Montenegro, dealing with human rights, urge the authorities to discover perpetrators and those who ordered following, filming and tapping of colleague Aleksandar Sasa Zekovic. In last two weeks, Mr Zekovic received number of phone threats, which started with blackmails from alleged shots from private life and escalated into death threats. At… »

The State must protect Aleksandar Sasa Zekovic

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) urges the president of the Republic Filip Vujanovic, President of the Parliament Ranko Krivokapic and especially the Prime Minister Željko Šturanović as well as the presidents of all relevant parliamentary committees, directors of government bodies, judiciary and prosecution to direct their efforts towards urgently solving the case of Aleksandar Saša… »

Who controls the public service in the state of Montenegro

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) would like to draw the attention of the public and the relevant authorities that the internet site of the so-called RTCG public service ( does not have the 9 (nine) bulletins that according to the Law on PBS must have been available to the public by now… Who controls the… »

CCE and CDNGO joint communication regarding the case of Muratbasic

Centre for Development of Non-Governmental Organisations (CDNGO) and Centre for Civic Education (CCE) urge the Montenegrin public once again to devote its maximum attention to the case of suspended policeman Suad Muratbasic and the disciplinary charges brought against him by the Police Directorate… CCE and CDNGO joint communication regarding the case of Muratbasic – (pdf)

New prospects in EU and accession challenges for new candidates

Centre for Civic Education, Centre for Development of NGOs and European Movement in Montenegro with the support of the Foundation Open Society Institute, Representative Office in Montenegro, in cooperation with the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Montenegro, through the programme “Forum of European Integration Schools” organise PANEL DISCUSSION on NEW PROSPECTS IN… »

Protecting Muratbasic is a public interest

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) condemns the decision to suspend policemen Suad Muratbasic from Bijelo Polje and to raise criminal charges against him because of a statement given to the radio Free Europe… Protecting Muratbasic is a public interest – (pdf)