Advertisement for participants of VI generation of European Integration School

Centre for Civic Education, Centre for development of non-governmental organisations and European movement in Montenegro with the support of Foundation Open Society Institute – Office in Montenegro, are publicizing an ADVERTISEMENT for participants of the VI generation of the:


and the participants of the III generation of the


School of European Integrations is composed of 7 modules totally lasting four months, and it comprises a wide spectrum of theoretical and practical knowledge from the field of European Integrations.

The lectures are held two times per week, and each lecture lasts for two hours (with the possibility of additional lectures), as well as through the topic oriented seminars.

Prominent domestic and foreign lecturers and experts, representatives of diplomatic corps in our country and other guests will familiarize the participants of the School with the history, development and functioning of integrative processes, contemporary status of European institutions, their influence on our society and perspectives for cooperation in this field.

The right to participate have the candidates whose priority is to gain new knowledge in above-mentioned fields and to contribute to the affirmation of ideas, meaning and standards of European integrations in Montenegro. All candidates are welcome regardless of their age, gender, nationality, religion or personal believes, indicating that the priority have all candidates who show high level of social activism in governmental, non-governmental, party, trade-union, commercial, scientific and cultural framework.

Expenses for the School are covered by FOSI, CCE, EMiM and CDNGO, with the obligation of the participants to attend at least 80% of the programme.

Upon completion of the School participants receive a diploma and gain right for further professional training.

All interested candidates may submit their application with short biography not later than 18 September 2007,