CCE announces the urgent call for 17 new associates

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) wants to share its vision of Montenegro as democratic society of responsible citizens with you! If you are young, knowledgeable, skilled, daring, You should be actors, by no means passive observers! Join us in changing and improving the environment that we live in, Join us in creating a society of… »

Letter to the President of the Constitutional Court

We would like to distract your attention, with good intentions, that positioning of the Constitutional Court on the alignment of the Law on Election of Councilors and MPs after the Parliament adopts a decision on the reduction of its mandate could negatively affect its credibility and reputation… Letter to the President of the Constitutional Court… »

Second fiddle

We have entered the 2009 without a dilemma. Deputy Prime Minister Đurović is not there to defend Montenegro’s interests but only the interests of a handful of families who are ruling the country to their own benefit and who believe themselves to be the state. Instead of the promising lead role in this decisive process… »