Some issues are simply not popular. Which is exactly why it’s the duty of all of us who do not feel like discriminated minorities to push for these topics, to insist on them even if those directly concerned cannot. For our sake, as much as for theirs. You never know when you’ll end up being… »

Montenegrin premiere screening of movie “Saša”

Centre for Civic Education (CCE), LGBT Forum progress and Human Rights Actions organise Montenegrin premiere screening of movie Saša by Dennis Todorovic and accompanying lecture on “Feministist Legal Theory and the Rights of (Oher?) Sexual Minorities” by professor Frances Elisabeth Olsen, UCLA School of Law, Los Angeles (USA)

The law is not disputable, but its application is

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) assesses that frequent and badly prepared amendments to the law represent one of the greatest enemies of the rule of law, especially if they are being made without analysis of the effects and problems in the imeplemtation of the current law… The law is not disputable, but its application is

Montenegrin Beauty

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) i Friedrich Ebert foundation (FES) invite to the screening of Montenegrin Beauty and panel discussion 13 May 2011, 17h, University of Donja Gorica, Hall AS

Conflict and Memory: Bridging Past and Future in (South East) Europe

The Greens / European Free Alliance in the European Parliament and Centre for Civic Education organise panel discussion “Conflict and Memory: Bridging Past and Future in (South East) Europe” 13 May 2011, 17:00, Centre for Civic Education Hall Ulrike Lunacek, MEP, Co-Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs for the Greens/EFA Group, Rapporteur on Kosovo of the European… »

Advertisement: Human rights school – XII generation

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) is publishing an ADVERTISMENT for XII generation of the HUMAN RIGHTS SCHOOL – school for learning human rights from theory to practice– School comprises 3 modules in total of one intensive week with numerous lectures, workshops, film screenings and theater forums which will offer an opportunity to learn and discuss… »

Panta rei

And this is why the thought as such is so inconsequential here: it has to be in the service of daily needs or worthless, it has to be a personal attack or it lacks the necessary stage flair, it has to be an attack on others because the phenomenological approach is too demanding for the… »