Power over institutions

I have absolute political power. I will capture the institutions, and they’ll never be able to hold me accountable for any phase of my government”. This is no quote from Machiavelli’s “Prince”. It is the unwritten rule of governing in the Balkans, and we are all its victims. We should finally start changing them so… »

Grand prix for the video “We are part of the team”

The Centre of Civic Education (CCE) and LGBT Forum Progress are continuously working on enhancing knowledge and understanding of human rights in Montenegro, from various aspects. In that regard, one of the joint project was “U redu je biti drugačiji!” (It is OK to be different!), with the support of the Embassy of Canada… Grand… »

Monitoring respect of human rights in closed institutions in Montenegro

Presentation of the findings of the research on attitudes of Montenegrin citizens on torture, within the project “Monitoring respect of human rights in closed institutions in Montenegro” implemented by the Human Rights Action in cooperation with the Centre for Civic Education, Shelter and Centre for Antidiscrimination EKVISTA, financed by the Delegation of EU in Montenegro… »

Citizen can change the system

We’ll know that the real reforms and institution-building have began when we see a wave of insider testimonies from these same institutions, because it will mean that the employees trust the state of Montenegro, are willing to change certain things, put the public interest above their superiors, and that Montenegrin institutions are capable of leading… »