All Indications about illegal activities at the UOM should be investigated

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) is not surprised with the situation at the University of Montenegro (UoM) which escalated up to serious problems that have been for long time ignored by the leadership of the UoM, as well as by the authorized inspection and investigation authorities. In this respect, the CCE has for years pointed to the need for the prosecution and the police to tackle the issues that the public is concerned by, because the UoM ended up being more often in the media articles on scandals than in those showing UoM’s contribution, as high-educational institution, to the development of the society.

Latest information about the short-term blockage of the UoM’s financial account further support our allegations regarding the Administration Board President’s and Rector’s irresponsibility, who were at the head of this institution at the time of conclusion of maleficent contracts, among others with the “Kroling”, and at the time of decision making over disputed contracts and annexes, loan raising and over-indebtedness without a plan, which are all actions that have caused irreparable damage to the UoM, both financial and credible one. CCE reminds that we have not managed ever to get a copy of these contracts, for which the management of the UoM has given an explanation that the economic interests of individuals whom with they have concluded these contracts is greater than the public interest to know how the budget money was spent!?

It also remains unclear who will ultimately be responsible for poor performance of the UoM. Namely, whether in this case, the current leadership of the UoM will be held responsible, for example if the solution was applied analogously to the case when the Law Faculty Dean Professor Drago Radulović was dismissed of duty due to mismanagement and controversial actions of his predecessor, Professor Ranko Mujović. The current leadership of the UoM has repeatedly claimed that there are no double-standards in determining liability. Therefore it would be logical to apply the same approach of advocating for justice when it comes to matters that fall within the scope of their responsibilities, as it has done in other faculty units.

CCE expects that the personnel changes, which the UoM’s Administration Board President announced, will be carried out in a manner which will include processing of cases for which there is an evidence of the abuse of the official position and the defalcation of 120 000,00 euros, and that persons involved in that will be disciplinary and criminally processed. In addition, CCE is hoping that this time the principle of flexible standards, by which the favorites were abolished and others punished, will not be applied, as to demonstrate to the public the alleged commitment of this Administration Board to systematically deal with the problems at the UoM, while nothing is actually being solved.

Snežana Kaluđerović, Programme Coordinator