Why there is still no answer about delays of salaries for users of professional training programme

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) again points to the problem of non-payment of salaries to users of the Professional Training Programme, who have started working on 15 January and whose employers have, until 4 February, submitted necessary documents to the authorized institutions. Bureau for Employment and responsible Ministry of Finance are still working in negligent and non-transparent manner, violating the Law on Professional Training of persons who acquired higher education. Additionally, CCE expresses the grounds doubts about discrimination that has been implemented against number of persons included into this programme.

As a reminder, for a significant number of programme users whose employers submitted timely monthly reports, the January fees have not been paid yet. This represents violation of the Law on Professional Training for persons with acquired higher education. Although the deadline for payment of salaries for the Programme users was 10 February 2013, the January fees were not paid even after fifteen days of the estimated deadline, which is why the CCE before reacted.

In the meantime, CCE received information that raises additional concern. These data suggest that beside the delay of the January fees to the users of the programme, it seems there is discrimination in the payment schedule. Namely, payments were made to a small number of persons. Such a selective approach, in which privileged often are persons which are in vocational training in the ruling parties or related entities, further reinforce the importance of the recently opened affair “Recording”.

CCE requires that Bureau for Employment and Ministry of Finance publish the criteria by which they determine the dynamics of payments to the users of “Programme of Professional Training” that have timely submitted the required documents for the January, and also to explain the reasons for the delay of the same if such budgets does exist. Obtaining of these information and payment of monthly fees is essential to eliminate the speculation that the threat to the human integrity through the socio-economic context is a good foundation for achieving the best possible results of certain political parties in the upcoming presidential election, but also the past parliamentary elections.

Vladimir Vučković, Programme Assistant